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Otto Binder's Our Space Age: Classic UFO Comics


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Listeners have probably heard Gene mention knowing Otto Binder, a legendary comics and science fiction writer. Binder's "Our Space Age" was an illustrated newspaper feature devoted to space exploration. With the saucer flap of 1966, the series shifted to focus on the UFO mystery, from close encounters to abductions. The series is the subject of a new article at The Saucers That Time Forgot.


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Gene Steinberg

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Lest we forget, Otto was one of the continuity writers for Shazam at Fawcett Comics when the character was known as Captain Marvel. This came about years before the Marvel Comics female version was created. Shazam was brought to the screen in 2019 in a comedy/drama, but the original 1941 version, a Republic Serial, is more reflective of the stories Otto wrote. That film is, or was, free to watch on YouTube.

He also co-created Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes for DC Comics in 1959. Otto edited Space World, a science-based magazine that reputedly bankrupted him. His friend Ray Palmer later took it over, but the content was mostly recycled press releases for as long as it lasted.

And, as you see in Curt's link above, Binder wrote about UFOs.