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The Pair of Cats

a.k.a Philip Deane
I don't pay much credence to orbs, generally but the orbs in this video are quite interesting. Go to 1.10 min and 1.39 min to see what i'm talking about.



Curious Cat
Usually the mention of 'orbs' is enough for my attention span to flat-line. The sections you suggested are pretty interesting and reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark when the critters come flying out of the Ark near the end.

"Close your eyes Marion! Don't look into the light!"

Paul Kimball posted a clip on You Tube that's pretty cool too. I've no idea what it is. It doesn't look like passing traffic or a pissed moth caught in the beam of a police helicopter...


Sloppy Joe

Skilled Investigator
It depends on the orbs. Most kids who don't know anything about actual spirit orbs, will go out into the middle of the woods, take pictures, see orbs and think 'OMG IT 4REEL. I R SCAARD NAO!!!!" when in fact, they merely caught the reflections of dust in the air and NOT actual spirit orbs. Real spirit orbs have tails and not only that, they warp light. It's almost as if there's a clear or lit, plasma-like ball floating around, going in and out of solid objects. I didn't watch the whole video, nor did I even complete the first case, however, if it wasn't mentioned in that first case the possibility of the orbs being remnant native american energy, that would be my personal guess as to the origin of the orbs. There are other cases from around the United States, in and around forest areas, where orbs have been seen and just happen to be around native american burial grounds, or old native american villages. It's interesting stuff.


Paranormal Maven
Wow, the footage is great. I really don't know how could it be faked. The small orbs are very similar to the Paul Kimball one. And the big orbs are...well, impressive.