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On the Show — Steve Mera

Gene Steinberg

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stephenmera.jpgSteve Mera has spent more than 30 years actively investigating, researching and analyzing numerous subjects of phenomena that include, earth mysteries, parapsychological studies, the paranormal, cryptids, ancient sites and Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomena such as UFOs. In 1998 he completed the BSY Parapsychology Course and in later years sat a Paranormal Investigation Course and Forensic Parapsychology Course with the Unifaculty of London Institute of Forensic Parapsychology. Stephen has assisted, presented and hosted of over 100 TV Shows and is a regular featured guest on international radio.

Steve is an international lecturer and freelance journalist for a number of magazines and newspapers and has had several publications of his own including the A-Z of the Paranormal, Strange Happenings, Paranormal Reality, The Investigators Guide To The Paranormal, The Rochdale Poltergeist and The House of Fire and Whispers (co-authored with horror novelist Jenny Ashford). In 1999 Steve constructed and launched SEP: (The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology) situated in Manchester UK along with UPIA: (Unknown Phenomena Invesigation Association) based in Chershire, UK. He is also the director and owner of Phenomena Magazine LTD, the world most recognized e-Zine of its kind. He continues to run the long standing organization MAPIT (established in 1974). Steve went on to complete his Psychology Degree in Behavioral Sciences in 2003.

He is the executive producer of the "Chronological History of Ufology" TV Series, hosted by historian and author Richard Dolan. He is an Honorary Advisor and Partner of Zohar Entertainment Group and host of Phenomena Project. In 2018 Steve became the director of ZoharGlobal Group and Onstellar Social Media Platform and the following year became the director of Awakenings Conscious Life Expo, UK. Steve continues to conduct investigation and research into numerous subject related phenomena around the world under the heading of 'Project Doorway' with his colleague and fellow researcher Barry Fitzgerald from the long running TV show, "Ghosthunter's International."

Websites: zoharmanagement.com, phenomenamagazine.co.uk, stevemera.com

Cohost this week: Tim Swartz.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Wednesday, May 3 at Noon Pacific (3:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
May 7, 2023