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On the Show — Ronald C. Meyer and Mark Reeder

Gene Steinberg

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Ron-Meyer[1].jpegRon Meyer owns a film production company Centre Communications. He has produced and directed feature films, including the first feature film for Discovery Communications, “Legend of the Spirit Dog." He is author of two novels with Mark Reeder, and two other novels, their latest being "Bigfoot Singularity." Ron leads flow workshops, is a 5th black belt in Aikido and a world-renowned fossil collector. In October 2021 his new science fiction novel “Aliens 2035: the End of Technology" was released.

Recently he produced the number one streaming documentary series on Amazon Prime about serial killers.

As a follow-up to the highly successful Amazon prime series “Chasing Bigfoot,” he's produced in an award-winning documentary feature called “Tthe Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed.” The movie has garnered over 2 million views in less than five months. New movies coming in 2022: “The Paranormal Mind: Lifting the Veil to a Greater Realit,” “Alien Contact in the Rockies” and “Aliens and Nukes: the Mario Wood Story.” He recently completed a new five-part television series “The Paranormal Highway” to be released in the fall

Ron's view: "There is little doubt that Bigfoot contact experiences are real. To my surprise it turned out that these experiences were chosen for each individual by what can only be called an alien nonhuman intelligence."

Mark Headshot_0066.jpegMark Reeder lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he has worked as a writer and associate producer for the video production company, Centre Communications. His educational programs, "Hispanic Achievement in America" and "Women’s Achievement in America," have appeared on PBS national television. He’s kicked around the universe long enough to have more than a few bumps and bruises. Roughed up and battered like his hat, he’s still looking for the exit.

Book description: "The Bigfoot Alien Connection: Revisited."

Are aliens present on our planet in the form of Bigfoot? People from all walks of life have reported contact experiences with aliens, Bigfoot, and other paranormal phenomena. These experiences are often life-changing and can provide a new perspective on the world around us and who we are as human beings. Drawing on extensive research during the filming of multiple series and feature films, the authors provide a compelling new look at what has become known as the Skinwalker Ranch phenomenon.

If you're looking for a book that will change how you think about Bigfoot, UAP's, portals, monsters, PSI phenomena, animal mutilations, and apparitions, then this is for you. This book is a continuation of the findings presented in the award-winning documentary feature "The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed." You won't want to miss the new conclusions about aliens, and Bigfoot packed into the Bigfoot alien connection revisited.

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Wednesday, November 9 at 2:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Central)
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November 13
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One of the guys mentioned John B. Alexander and referenced to the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats that psychics actually could kill goats, this is not true according to Alexander, he talk about this in the Paracast show from 2014.

Gene Steinberg

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Thanks for the update. I never promise to remember what we discovered in over 800 episodes of The Paracast, plus over 400 episodes of After The Paracast.