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On the Show — Ron Yakovetti

Gene Steinberg

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ronyacovetti.jpgRon Yakovetti Two time and now, about to be three-time author, Ron Yacovetti is living in his home state of New Jersey. However, he began investigating the paranormal during his 14 years as a resident of Los Angeles, California. This geographic diversity gave him the opportunity to investigate some of the most notable haunts on both coasts including The Queen Mary, The Oman House, The Shanley Hotel, Whitehill Mansion and The Glen Tavern Inn, each several times.

He has a unique background as a stand-up comedian, MMA Commentator, a writer, and paranormal Investigator. Ron has hosted and interviewed a variety of fields driven by a genuine love of connecting with others. And while Ron enjoys all aspects of investigating, his affinity and area of specificity in the afterlife research was almost instantly discovered in the area known as ITC: Instrumental Trans-Communication. Most know ITC from a variety of devices seen on TV such as the Ovilus, Spirit Box, or Ghost Boxes.

Ron continues to use those devices and mobile apps, leaving no method unexplored, he has spent nearly four years doing innovative afterlife research and experimentation rooted in the European methodology of ITC known as DRV: DIRECT RADIO VOICE. This method predates any sweeping radio or app of the modern ghost hunting movement and seemingly fell out of favor with casual paranormal enthusiasts. So, under the banner of GonYac Paranormal with his girlfriend Lourdes Gonzalez, he forges ahead as a leader and liaison of this era in DRV, recording very impressive results. He possesses skepticism and an open mind, both necessary tools he feels, as well as the idea that you should pursue results for any theory you may have. Period! He feels that the field growing in acceptance is a paradigm shift which starts and lasts ONLY with taking a scientific and metaphysical approach as the field drudges forward against Scientism and unbridled bias masquerading as science.

Ron is co-host of Entity Voices Paranormal, Evidence Podcast (UN-X Network), and the author of “Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown” and “ITC Technomancy: The Magical World of Electronic Spirit Communication.” He is a member of the SPR: Society of Psychical Research, Cambridge, UK 2022 and a member of Academia.edu / Paranthropologist / Philosopher / Satirist

Our cohost will be Tim Swartz.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Thursday, September 8 at 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
September 11
EVP/ITC is an interest of mine following years of listening to weak voice signals for identification purposes. So I reckon I can identify an anomalous EVP signal when I hear one. I haven't yet, just lots of misidentified signals and sounds from sincere researchers who don't recognise things like side-band splash, aurora signal reflections, meteor pings and radio receiver intermodulation products.

I've watched the Marcello Bacci video. Sounds like he's doing something with wobbly tape recordings! I'd like to know what experience the 'scientists' who investigated him had in RF electronics, radio reception techniques, and to read their report and methodology. So - they took the valves/tubes out of his radio and the voices still came. Well a secret radio transmitter outside the room and hidden miniature receiver inside the loudspeaker? Was Marcello Bacci known to have this sort of expertise? Presumably not, so did he have accomplices? How secure was the Faraday shield they used?

Either he had spiritual qualities that facilitated the voices (something I have heard first hand from researchers), or he was a fraud who was investigated by experts in the wrong fields. And that's why no one else is reproducing his 'impressive' results.
Did you listen to the few recordings we've posted on the show over the years? Anything with potential?

Yes I've heard some and was underwhelmed I'm afraid. But if you have anything in particular, I'll have another listen.

I made some of my own recordings of VHF East European FM stations via meteor 'pings' as a demonstration of how people can be mislead by one particular aspect of the radio method. I got what I expected, but I also captured what would probably be described as a 'class A' of something I wasn't expecting! Very odd, but I think I've worked out the source. Probably most other researchers would just take it as face-value proof. And this is the problem with much paranormal research - many researchers don't have a deep understanding of possible causes of the phenomena they are observing.

The white noise in the recording is just normal for FM demodulation without a signal. You can hear the stations rise up through the noise from the ionised meteor trails - the long gaps where nothing happened have been edited out. The edited clip is 2' 36" with the point of interest at about 1' 00" in the sequence, which I have repeated for clarity at 1' 35". Note: Unlike most EVP examples, I won't prompt what you're supposed to hear. You tell me.

I'll post full technical details of the recording and probable source of the 'anomaly' later if anyone is interested.

I'll also have a listen to Ron Yakovetti's examples if they are free to download and easy to find. They could be interesting...


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