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On the Show — Mark Olly

Gene Steinberg

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Mark Olly 0 (Edit).JPGMark Olly is author of "Crystal Skulls & Human Heads: The Mystical History of Glass and the Extinction of the World." In a time when the world realized that it is not immortal, this little book brings an entirely new view of what it means to be human, what the planet really is, how something as simple as a few grains of sand revolutionized civilization, how extinction is simply a part of nature, and how the whole of life we so comfortably fit into may not be quite what it seems.

Author Mark Olly seamlessly combines the disciplines of archaeology, geology, science, and human studies, to push the boundaries of human existence wider in both directions and increase our appreciation of just exactly what the human race could potentially be capable of achieving.

For over 22 years, Mark worked as a professional musician, live DJ, compare, and in music management, founding Angelharp Music, Unicorn Entertainments Agency Ltd. and Legendthink Ltd. (one of the first mult-media companies in the world) before moving on to pursue a solo career as a writer, archaeologist and television presenter. This career has so far taken him to all parts of the UK, France, Egypt, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South America, Turkey, Malta, and North Africa in search of the ancient and the mysterious.

He has six major books in print, appeared on Carlton Television’s "The History Detectives," wrote and presented all three seasons (22 episodes) of ITV Granada’s award nominated "Lost Treasures" adventure archaeology series, has presented for Sky History Channel, writes, presents and directs DVD’s for US media giant Reality Entertainments / Reality Films, wrote and directed four Music Videos for International US band Hayseed Dixie and three for Sacred Wind’s 2014/15 Christmas charity single, occasionally appears in movies, and recently played sessions with bands Soul Path, Sacred Wind, Metall Hose, Atakarma Giants, Wolf and Copperworm.

Our guest cohost will be Tim Swartz.

Rescheduled: Recording Date (including After The Paracast)
Friday, March 25 at 10:30 AM Pacific 1:30 PM Eastern)
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