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On the Show — Jerry Clark

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Jerry Clark Clark has served as a writer, reporter, and editor for a number of magazines which cover UFOs and other paranormal subjects. He has been an editor of Fate magazine and International UFO Reporter, and a member of the board of directors for the Center for UFO Studies. Clark authored the multi-volume The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon From The Beginning with the first edition being published in 1992. In 1997 an abridged, one-volume edition of The UFO Encyclopedia, entitled The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial, was published as a trade paperback. In 1998, The UFO Book won the Benjamin Franklin Award in the Science/Environment category sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Clark was born and raised in Canby, Minnesota; he attended South Dakota State University and Minnesota State University. In his "other life," he has written songs which have been recorded or performed by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall and has collaborated with Robin and Linda Williams. He has also written a number of reviews of American folk music albums and CDs for Rambles magazine.

Our guest cohost will be Curt Collins.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast)
Thursday January 13 at 3 PM Mountain (4 PM Central)
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Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Maven
Well this is not paranormal related,but could you ask Jerry does he not think that Tom T Hall was one of country's underestimated story teller's.


Paranormal Adept
Maybe I’m disqualified from saying so, but I thought this was a very enjoyable and educational show. I was a bit surprised by Jerry Clark’s optimism about the future of UFO research and investigations. Many old-timers think we’re seeing history repeat itself. Jerry however, thinks we’re on the verge of making a breakthrough to the topic being accepted by science.
Here’s hoping!

Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Maven
I thought it was a fantastic show I always enjoy listening to Jerry he is always entertaining and informative the only thing I found doubtful was his assertion that his books would one day be available for Genes suggested price of £19.99.
Hope your keeping well Randal.


Paranormal Novice
Great show again with Clark, it was intriguing in the last segment to hear Clark describe what is known as the Oz factor, defined by Jenny Randles.
The example he put forward is almost identical to my own flying saucer close encounter I had with my parents in the early 70`s, people walked nearby and didn`t notice this large luminous saucer right above their heads.


Paranormal Novice
Yes of course, my mother saw a flying saucer above the tretoops nearby, when she got out on the balcony to observe it closer the saucer came toward her.
I was maybe 4-5 years old and we all, my mother, father and I saw this classic flying saucer with rotating lights floating right in front of us, no sound and a glowing yellow light/aura around it.
It then disappeared over the roof and flew away.