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On the Show — Fred Andersson

Gene Steinberg

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Fred Andersson is a renowned researcher, television freelancer, author, and podcaster in Sweden. With a focus on high strangeness, the paranormal, and UFOs, Fred has carved a niche for himself as an out-of-the-box thinker and explorer of the weird. As a researcher, Fred has appeared on countless international podcasts, written articles on the subject of Swedish high strangeness, and been a guest on radio, magazines, and newspapers.

In his role as a television freelancer, Fred has worked on various award-winning documentaries and programs with a paranormal theme, including hit shows like Det Okända and Spökjakt. As part of a talented team, Fred has contributed to the success of these projects, which have received recognition at the television gala Kristallen. The team's reports have led to them being honored with the Kristallen audience choice award three times.

As a podcaster, Fred co-hosts 'Märklighetsfaktorn,' where he explores the latest weird news and mysteries from all over the world. He’s also involved in UFO-Sverige, an organization that focuses on the study and investigation of UFOs and related phenomena. It is one of the oldest and most prominent UFO research organizations in Sweden.

Throughout his career, Fred has been recognized for his outstanding achievements, and he attributes this success to the collaborative spirit and collective report of the teams he has worked with. Beyond his professional pursuits, Fred enjoys finding inspiration for his work in weird books, genre films, and spending time in nature.

For updates on his latest projects, connect with Fred on Instagram and Twitter under the account name HomoSatanis or visit his website at http://www.fredandersson.se.

He is the author of "Northern Lights: High Strangeness in Sweden," which is the first book written in English entirely devoted
to the subject of high strangeness, UFOs, and other mysteries in Sweden. While Sweden is known as a secular, rational country where stories of the paranormal are considered something of the past, the truth is quite the opposite.

The country has a long history of weirdness, unexplained observations, and eerie encounters, often connected to the countryside, desolate roads, and empty fields. From gnomes, elves, and trolls of the past to UFOs and aliens in modern times. Perhaps they're all connected, just different. perceptions of the same phenomenon?

Covering stories from 1920 to 2013, this book delves into some of the strangest encounters ever documented in the history of Sweden. It explores meetings with otherworldly beings, encounters with strange flying crafts, time rifts, men in black, and even a touch of cryptozoology. However, the main focus is on UFOs and aliens and their role in both the personal experiences of witnesses and in Swedish culture.

Published in the United States by Beyond the Fray. https://www.beyondthefraypublishing.com

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
July 23, 2023