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On the Show — Barbara DeLonge and Ken Goudsward

Gene Steinberg

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barbdelong.jpgBarbara DeLong is an internationally known radio/pod-cast host, spiritual empath, author, artist, lecturer and ordained minister. She has been working professionally in the spiritual field since the early 70’s in addition to being a full time special education teacher and a single parent.

In the 80’s she began painting personal Mandalas for friends. Since that time her paintings and the life readings that go with them are now worldwide with over four hundred of them in private collections. These individual paintings evolved into a circular oracle card deck called The Cosmic Deck of Initiation. The deck was published in 1991, as a peaceful and more spiritual substitute to the standard Tarot deck, with many thousands purchased around the world.

In October 2009 she launched her own radio show, “Night-Light,” which features spiritual philosophy,questions and answers and awesome interviews with authors and those in the metaphysical field. The show also offers a platform for planting seeds of spiritual insight as well as a showcase for featured authors offering insight from a plethora of different modalities.

kengoudsward.jpgKen Goudsward is a systems analyst with expertise in industrial robotics, software engineering, and data design. He enjoys applying these skills to ancient Hebrew and Sumerian documents and the UFO phenomenon.

His non-fiction books include: "Fermi’s Paradox Is Bullshit: The evidence for extra-terrestrial life," "UFOs In The Bible," "Magic In The Bible," "The Enuma Elish: the Original Text With Brief Commentary," "The Atrahasis Epic" (coming soon) and "Before Roswell" (with Barbara DeLong).

His novels include: "Symphony Of Destruction" (Hard SF) and "Munchausen By Proxy For Fun And Profit" (Crime/Comedy).

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Wednesday, March 8 at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
March 12, 2023

Gene Steinberg

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Staff member
This turned out to be one of those classic Paracast episodes where we had to struggle to get the wheat from the chaff, and it features a few takedowns as a result.

It's worth a listen for that alone.


Paranormal Adept
They probably mean well, however misguided they are, as she may deserve a P for pluckiness.

Chris Aubeck’s Magonia Exchange, an unbiased international archival project is where one may find UFOs as cultural history and antiquity.