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On Imbrogno - and DMR


Staff member
Greetings all. I know I have been among the missing of late, what can I say? Life has intruded.

I have received many inquiries of late on the Philip Imbrogno mess. I have had many people ask me for my take on this. First, let me say that initially I was one of the first folks that Lance Moody contacted about this. And, to be honest ... at the time ... I was very skeptical about whether I thought Imbrogno was full of shit or not when it came to his academic background. I have known him (although not that well) for years. Well, it appears I was wrong. Which got me to thinking about something else he claimed. I am currently conducting some in depth research and will be reporting on what I have found fairly soon. For any of you that have wondered about my silence, let me say that I will not be silent for very much longer.



Staff member
This is just a quick update on my Imbrogno research, I wanted to keep whomever may be interested "up to date."

My inquires went out this past weekend via my contacts and I hope to hear back from them sooner than later. I also wrote Phil Imbrogno and informed him totally on what I am doing. (For what it is worth, I do not believe in blindsiding someone.) I gave him the chance to contact me and discuss anything he wishes, make a statement which I will include in my final paper, and to give me any mitigating circumstances of anything he wishes to furnish. I know the contact I have is good, but as of now (10:00 AM Pacific, July 11) I have had no contact from Imbrogno .. at all.

For your information


Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Thank you Don. I do wonder whether Imbrogno will give you the same information he provided to the hosts of another paranormal radio show, that his MIT degrees are somehow sealed. We await your update.


Skilled Investigator
So...my spidey senses tell me that Phil might not have been in the Special Forces on missions inside Cambodia!?
That story was too good to be true anyway, it was so damn entertaining. Also, the men he witnessed the "creature" with by the temple all died...


Staff member
Observer I am sure it was on the first show Imbrogno did on DMR. I have been up to my eyelids on stuff right now and do not have time to go thru the show but if you download it and scan thru I am sure you will find it.



Paranormal Adept
The story of Imbrogno and his pals that died came from one of his books. When Imbrogno was in the service, him and some army buddies had leave time coming. They decided to visit a site in the jungle where a creature was supposedly seen. Before they went into the jungle the locals told them not to look directly into the eyes of this creature. It meant certain death to do so. Of course they spotted this creature and all of them looked except good old Phil and the buddies died soon after.
I don't remember what show it was on but I remember some story he told about a voice on a tape and a kid saying something scary and people dying and all kinds of stuff. Can't remember the details all that well but remember it was pretty entertaining, kinda' like ya' might read in a horror novel. Phil always had a bunch of crazy stories and he was good at telling them.


Paranormally Disenchanted
That was actually the August 7th, 2010.

The Bigfoot encounter in Thailand begins at 1:54:40 ..."In the late 60s I went into the military, I was in the Vietnam war ..."
I am reading through Tales from the Edge for the first time. The story of the his Special Forces unit (on a military intelligence mission) in Nepal having enough free time to hike the Himalayas and investigate Yeti stories seems pretty improbable to me. The book is promoted as a scientific inquiry into the paranormal but it is just a collection of anecdotal tales.

I think I've discovered how Imbrogno pulled this off for so long. No one is reading his books or if they do, they aren't doing so critically in any way.

Anyone else read this book and get the same impression?


FeralNormal master
the shame here is that, this type of self-aggrandizing (if that is indeed the word i'm looking for)tends to take away from the work that these guys do, why can't they let their work speak for themselves (whether you accept it or not), why do they need to embelish (or outright lie) on their accomplishments when they have already achieved some respect ?..especially on subjects as sensitive as military service or academic achievements ? i guess in that respect Phil is no different than some politicos who feel like they have "pile onto" their list of accomplishments whether it be fabricating a doctorate or military service. it still aint right ,but with such a heady goal as becoming a senator or representative or higher it can be worth the risk, then all you have to worry about is a mea culpa after you got your seat..."whoops how DID THAT get put in there...??? but what could have Phil wished to accomplish? I'd still buy his books and i don't think any medals or handful of letters after his name would induce me to do so any more or contrariwise, would a lack of them dissuade me from doing so.the last time i looked, christopher O'brien doesn't have any letters after his name and I still bought all of his books,and i would do it again if i ever became seperated from them...still hoping for that book on portals chris

whoops my newbieness is showing this is NOT the string i had intended to post on, it should have been https://www.theparacast.com/forum/threads/8928-Imbrogno-Fraud-Stolen-Valor?p=119891#post119891 don't know how i got here, sorry for the inconvience guys

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