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old soldiers never die or do they


Paranormal Novice
i was watching unsolved mysteries yesterday
they had a storie on gettysburgh the blodiest battle
of the american civil war
every 4th of july re-enactments take place of the battle
during on re-enactment a cople of the north army were walking
in a part of the battle field when another soldier came by in full uniform of
the north
he said,` hows it going and handed 4 cartridges to them
on inspecting them they turned to thank him but the soldier had gone
keeping in mind no live ammo is allowed in the re-enactments
showing the cartridges to an expert at the event he was amazed as these
were discontinued after the civil war.asking where they had got them from
they described the man who passed them the ammo
and were shocked to find out that the man they described never registerd
as part of the show
a ghost of the civil war?