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Ode to sammy


Paranormal Novice
I want to share this story with you.. About 4 years ago I had a close friend her name is Sammy she used and she was a diabetic, but nothing kept that woman down she had this wound once in her leg it looked like a bullet wound she had been digging at the wound, I took one look and almost threw up, I said to sammy you have to go to the Dr, she said NO so many times but I told her that if she wouldnt go voluntary that I would carry her if I had to, so I took her in and they dressed the wound but wanted to see her again, she didnt go!! Time went on as it does and I was in a state of semi sleep and I said out loud "WHO SAID SAMMY DIED" to my gf at the time she was very confused, I realised what had happened and I said out loud "TAKE IT BACK, TAKE IT BACK"
It was a few days later I got a call from the welfare people saying that Sammy's daughter was there and that Sammy was in hospital, so we rushed to pick up her daughter, and the next day we drove to RPH to visit Sammy she had apparently slipped into a diabetic coma, and they were worried that she was very anoemic, the Dr's didnt know that Sammy used to the extent she did they had to give her a blood transplant Sammy was an IV user and she had alot of problems with her veins, so she would literally sit there most of the day and jack blood back it would congeal and she would throw the used needles of blood in the bin, thats why she was so aneamic. Sammy was feeling better she had new blood she wanted to go home, I pulled Sammy aside and told her what happened with my semi conscious babbling, Sammy laughed and sais "what makes you think I will go first" we laughed and I told her how releaved I was that she was fine. A few days later we got another phone call Sammy was found in her bedroom laying in a pool of urine she was in another coma, I was numb, we rushed to the hospital to see her she was in the ICU I looked at my frail bony friend laying there, I cried and I had to tell the Dr's everything. Sammy never came out of that coma she passed away I lost my friend and Im crying right now, I feel like this is a curse for me I hate being told by spirit when you cant do anything it sux it really sux!! I miss you Sammy God I miss you...