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Oddy's Thread


Skilled Investigator
("storming area 51")
(number 1, its nothing, there are parallels between the Area 51 Lake Bed, and the Lights on Planet Ceres ... but that wasn't want I was going to say, initially)

(area 51? "storm area 51" was a real document?)

area 51 storm1.jpg


(The "Area 51" document shows 9/11/2001, the current "One World Trade Center" and "Two Memorial Building Spots", it shows us the primary road going into "Area 51", and more importantly connected to the "Lake Bed".


(Lapis Exillis) (A "Grail Stone"/"Philosopher Stone"/"Jacob Pillow Stone" .......... was taken from the "Sphinx", and moved into "New York City"

Then, it was implanted into the "Master Building in NYC, that is "R.M." for Raypoz Mabus

Then, it was removed from there and implanted in the ground zero at the twin towers

Then, after so many people disturbed that area the truth of the matter was reveals

This is the current theory for "Area 51" ............. it was a Legal Document .............. that is the general theme.
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Skilled Investigator

This amazing day starts with a stop and viewing of the top secret Janet Airlines, the airline that doesn’t exist! Based at Las Vegas International Airport, this fleet of unmarked jets has been hiding in plain site for decades. It transport many hundreds of workers daily, to and from the infamous and supposedly closed and abandoned “Area 51.”

The route to Area 51 is through some of the most desolate, uninhabited and incredibly scenic desert in the world. After an amazing journey through a stunning Joshua Tree Forest we arrive on the edge of an ancient dry lake we view very unusual Indian Petroglyphs that resemble Aliens; we then explore this mysterious dry lake where UFO sightings often occur.

The Mysterious "4chan-Alien" = Area 51 Alien .................... that is a "Joshua Tree" in the photograph, there is a forest of trees on the east side of Area 51, near their imaginary base border ....................... thats it. We don't have a precise location, this isn't about aliens or a spaceships not really. This is about insight, into Area 51, as, an answer to the people.
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Paranormal Adept
I don't see how anything in your post debunks the "Storm Area 51" proposed event.
And since it was started as a joke (and still is to most people), it seems an unlikely candidate for debunking in the first place.


Skilled Investigator
(Debunking Part 2 Old Prophecies)

Twentynine Palms Photo: The Joshua Tree is known to grow in just two places on Earth. Here and somewhere near Jerusalem

(You should see less than 100 Joshua Trees in the Video that shows us "Jerusalem's Eastern Gate" .................. there are only two places on earth where these kinds of trees grow, the second place is "Area 51") (only two species of this particular kind of tree on earth)

("Storm Area 51 from the Eastern Side", however, if only the "Joshua Tree Forest" is important, there's no need to violate the imaginary border of Area 51, millions of people can gather in the forest and await for an answer ........................ there's two ways to do things, find an honest answer, or, be completely aimless ................... need some better management from the Local Police Department, and the Local Roswell UFO Community)


Skilled Investigator
Progress Update

It seems that after the many posts here and on the mega Consciousness thread, that while we have become better informed about the subject matter in general, there remains no definitive conclusion as to the fundamental nature of existence, and how consciousness comes into being. I also suspect that it will probably remain a mystery to our civilization for millennia to come. In fact we may never know. That being the case, it's possible that alien civilizations far more evolved than we are don't know either, and that by studying us at a stage of development thousands of years behind them, they hope to find insights into their own lost history.
(Question about the Gnostic Gospels? and Pre-Quantum Theories)

(The Nature of Existence, the "Rainbow or Ball Lightening", that identifies with the "2nd Light Source (like Solar Eclipse), in some pronounced form in this Earth, is natural. There was an original consciousness, simply called, the spirit or "mother earth" ...................... if the "human soul, is, and extension of God, or an omnipresence Source" ............... then the spirit or "Gaia", which is to say this earth, is consciousness isolated from God, in a sense, a picture of the completion of this covenant of this earth and universe ...................... the question:::::::::: The "Isolated Consciousness of this Earth or Gaia" if it is real, then where is it now, or how is it expressed" ......... since there is no association to modern sciences? That is the question you are asking and there is an clear answer. (the last time Humanity came to terms with the answer, well first most recently was with the Gnostic Gospels around 1 A.D. to 100 A.D. surrounding Jesus and the Apostles ............. then it was very briefly during WW1 and WW2, before the conclusion were blasphememed by modern "Quantum Theories", see background (also during "Leonardo Da Vinci"'s code, or the Resonance Period, that followed Nostradamus, but not as clear cut):

Ghostic Gospels Elaine Pagels1.jpg

Mother Earth, "Gaia", or "Gaia's Activities" are, "Tetrahedron Based", think the "Sacred Geometry Star".

(2000 years ago in jerusalem)
(shortly after Jesus was born)
(there were signs in the clouds and miracles before the people)
(then and for many months armies brought in slaves, and murders among the people, all the lame, disabled and children wre killed for sin)

(Not Everywhere)

(But in Jerusalem in 2000 years ago. in principal patterns that resembled the "Tetrahedron" or a Star in the Local geographic in the city of that day, were great crimes commited and that is where the slaves were brought in)

The "Gnostic Gospel, ties the Geographic Tetrahedron to specific locations on earth, and the crimes of humanity in silencing, "Gaia", the "Isolated Consciousness", that deals with the mercies of this earth.

1. Gnostic Gospel ties to a Literal Tetrahedron in Geographic either in points or in whole, "Gaia" ........... and then .............. Humanities attempt to nullify that argument, is the original conclusion. (NOT SCIENTIFIC BUT CONSCIOUSNESS BASED).
(but when, Jerusalem was finished driving out the apostles of that day, and driving out "Gaia" in their uncleanness in that day, in that "Tetrahedron" (but there are many geographically in this earth, and all are polluted with humanity!)
(it was at that time, that only the Apostle Paul was left, but he did not understand, how the other apostled fled because they didn't want at that time, great power and authority ............... but as a people, they reached their limitations as a false witness, sometimes humanity does not have the power or authority to resist god's anointed, as a false witness)

2. After WW1 AND WW2, a collection of very unfaborable people, came up with the theory that the "Tetrahedron" was a "Significant Dimension or Fifth Dimension", and isolated from humanity, having no association to humanity, that this key was unlocked by the excitation of mass. or etc. (After the Trajedy of Edward Leedskalnin's Philadelphia Experiment, that was Sabotaged)

(9/11/2001 is the first answer of the "Tetrahedron" that, some places are more credible then others, in the present time, and many places are credible .................... but after that ...................maybe this argument is better off not involving this earth or humanity, more then an individual)

(9/11/2001 Falling Man Moses, was not specifically addressed to Moses at that time, more then to these ancient arguments of the Gnostic Gospel with the Tetrahedrons) (and the religious movement that immediately followed that, shamefully so)
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Skilled Investigator
The nature of existence? We've been a long ways down that path on the forum here and we're no closer than we were before. Or are we? Maybe because of the nature of the infinite, we can never be any farther away or closer to that particular answer. Interesting how the Mother Earth Gaia thing got mentioned in there too, because the music video I posted back in June is a lament for Mother Nature. I created her in the image of a beautiful Indian woman. Moses is somewhere in there too. The thing for me with that sort of imagery is that religious symbolism, metaphor, and the personification of Nature in general, adds texture to any story. There can also be as many interpretations as there are worldviews.
(Question about Special Atomic Theory* // or // "Pre-Atomic Theory") ("Pre-University" Sciences)

(Background ?)

(After, several hours, discoloration or coloration of "lead or mercury" would take place in the "palm" of the hand, indicating "spiritual uncleanness" or "carnality", (snared consciousness/heart full of strife) ............. the "thumb" in particular was tied to a clean or unclean clause .............. when you have masses of people gathered together that are "clean spiritually", then this puts off a certain vibe or "awareness") (the modern colleges and universities dispell the notion that "clean or unclean spiritually people//as a result of adopted theology or interpersonal and cultural tradition, has no baring on productivity, when in reality it does ..................... (clean or unclean in the human experience is very significant or important, in relation to the earth, and the "NATURE OF EXISTENCE" (which is Mother Earth, or, such as, a special Rainbow or Ball Lightening, 2nd light source illustrations)

(Thousands of years ago, many societies would pain their faces with lead / mercury as apart of their initiation ceremonies and yearly traditions, but not everyone would die, they believed only the unclean would die) (this purity would, help keep a relationship to this "Gaia Consciousness", that often follows signs or miracles or so forth, that is beyond the rudimentary)

Dunhuang star chart.jpg

(Dunhuang star chart) Shows us Five Human Fingers, with the Human Thumb labeled as number 5 ........................ this is compared to Human Spirituality (clean or unclean, snared consciousness/Heart of Strife) in a scale of 8 ........................ the Human Thumb or Genetics/Biology is compared to Human Spirituality ....................... (some people, slaves and so forth, are no better or more important the animals, however, an animal cannot be spiritually unclean and counted against "Gaia or Mother Earth" only a human being can)

(Nuclear Weapons and Radioactive Materials - Present)

(Radioactivity Materials, won't necessarily deliver a lethal charge to me ..................... they will lose their charge or decay .................. the effect is less than 10 or so feet from me ........................... the North Koreans wanted legal proof, that this was a mechanism that could be used to answer the "dead flesh issue", and to answer God over why, nothing is revealed about his usage for this generation, for the new earths ----- End of Statement)

(The Japanese Miracle)
(There are people that believe, most of the footage of Nuclear Exposure to people, in Japan, in the twin nuclear bombings is either completely fake, or not explainable by ordinary means, the kind of decay and so forth, is non-reproducible, under normal circumstances)

(There are countries such as North Korea, that believe, once humanity in its sin, is cleared from one specific geographic region on earth, then "Gaia or Mother Earth"s Consciousness will awaken, and humanity most of it, will pass away in its uncleannes, and thereby revealing the population from which God will use to seed the new planets for man in the new universe, but otherwise this generation is rejection of man and god)

(ghose in the shell 1 or 2nd season, there was a statement in the anime, about a "miracle", where the natural rules of Nuclear and Radioactive material exposure did not apply to the twin bombings of japan)
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Skilled Investigator
There are people who say the same thing about the Moon landing too. Is there any particular point you're trying to make in your posts? Or is it more a loose collection of random thoughts?

(The Threshold between, Mother's Earth's Tolerances for Humanities Spiritual (Consciousness) and Carnal (Physical) Sin, is cyclical ............... this clear division between the Consciousnesses, and what is lacking in this earth, its beauty (the unified field)

(Has not began to enact its demand on the density of the populations)

(Humanity has genetically engineered certain animals, by feeding them the wrong kinds of foods, and tempermenting them in the wrong kinds of ways)

(This Cyclical Behavior form Mother Earth, in "rejection" can last a very long time in years)

(the usage of nuclear weapons in japan, did not solve or conceal the issue, it removed it from play, until it effects a considerable greater amount of people, in perhaps, very isolated patterns, mirroring earth processes)

(not a virus or disease specifically, but degeneration of significance........................hundreds of years ago, these kinds of waves would only produce the plague, humanity was not largely directly impactted)

(we are entering a new age of, mother earth, rejection mankind, over its generational and genetic sins, over its "dead flesh")
(genetics do not evolve or de-evolve, they are maintained and isolated from changes by a container, that can be stressed, and given the proper wake cycles form Mother Earth, you can have very explosive behavior, that people will not simply understand ............. beyond ................ not having a legal right to live or reproduce)
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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
(the video is fake, but we'll have to see for ourselves ... see below)

View attachment 7403
(Generally these are called "Dropa Stones" ............ A "Comet or Singularity" in our Solar System")
(Excites the "Consciousness of Mother Earth", and this causes Plagues or Genetic Decay/Death, in the Generations of Sin with Humanity)

(Reproductive Organs or, "Genetically Deficient People/Races (slaves)" are the other subjects of "Dropa Stones" (Unclean Birth/People)
View attachment 7404

General Theory

Mother Earth or Gaia has a "Consciousness" that is Separate from Mankind (Mankind was not created as a derivative of an Evolutionary Process, Mankind was simply incorporated into this Earth Sphere) .......... or Mankind as the "Missing Link" ............. however, in order for mankind to exist and populate this earth, it has to "overcome portions of the Consciousness of Mother Earth, both in birth, in bodily function, and in the generations of people over time"::::::::::::

However, a people in sin, will become more animalistic (like slaves, those genetic lines), and they will become more "mesh", more carnal and unclean. Normally, this behavior doesn't cause death, or considerable decay .................... however when "Mother Earth's Consciousness" is excited, then that is when this argument, of generational sin, and interpersonal sin, is exposed, mankind has design limitations to function and exist in this earth and creation.

(the cow's dna is very flexible .................... it was considered sacred in many ancient places, because, it would die in unexplained ways first, years before, waves of people would die from no explainable means .................... today, this has happened in many places globally, and years before we reach the actual event ................... (think 1290 and 1335 days from Flight 370, 153 days before the end on 12/21/2020)

(Lead/Mercury or what else, has always killed very quickly, you don't need science to observe that .............. but there are perhaps other reasons readily served as indicators ? Which makes that trend of behavior, as history records it, cross culture, recorded with many civilizations)
(God has wrestled with this issue of "dead flesh" with mankind for generations ............... with Noah the "Rainbow" was revealed when God revealed the Generations of Shem (the serpent or mother earth) in Genesis 11 ............. but God has not initially created man in the conditions of an earth with a unified field, so it is convicted by "dead flesh" (so there can be no devout signs) ........................ however God does talk about a "Rainbow" in revelation of John, so we are given another reminder of "dead flesh", as the "Ensign of Nations according to Isaiah is Appointed" ...................... and mankind once again, only this time, its the final time, God is disputing this issue before Global Death ................... we'll have to go "off world" to complete our understanding of the clean methods to cleans this earth's population, that is the general trend of behavior)


Skilled Investigator
(There is a Grand Conclusion, that has a very painful answer, this September 2019, in Area 51, but it is not too late to forget everything, and wait until 12/21/2020 before anything else is disclosed)

pioneer plaque joshua tree.jpg

(Joshua Trees, occur in only two places, Globally, One place is near the Golden Gates in Jerusalem near the East, the other place is Area 51 near the East, where you plan to play God .................. it will be a slaughter, if measures are not sufficiently put in place to deter this event) (As recorded in the Pioneer Plaque)

(But what makes those Tree, geographic activities, for, a Cataclysm, such as a comet or etc. in Cyclical behavior with Mother Earth? ........................... Many things were said especially around 2012, that, I believed, became dead subjects as information is quickly deleted from the internet at alarming rates, any portion of that information, could be weaponized)

(this will become a slaughter, or, maybe you need to open up apart of the Base at Area 51, there are people that want to see a slaughter, that will impact more then a million people if the event is triggered in part .......................... you are not animals, or, you are not "flesh and blood only", so there are many unseen things that will be revealed, but maybe not properly understood) (very soon)
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Skilled Investigator
("Storming Area 51 Update") (Next Month Everything Resolved, or will this be Annual like, New Orleans Parades?)

(Target Area = "Black Mailbox")

(Target Area is also called the "Area 51 Research Center")


Black Knight Satellite is Recorded over "Area 51"

1. (Black Knight Satellite Viewing) = "Area 51 Research Center on the West Side"
2. (Golden Gate Prophecy and Radiation Examples) = "Joshua Trees on the East Side (groom lake) same as Jerusalem"

Everything will be resolved on September 2019 (try again next year), make on choice and stick to it!
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Skilled Investigator

(Sometimes ............... people will wait an entire career, before exposing a deviant individual, that has over the years, adopted some, particular doings ............. why the long wait, well, its because most of the time, the conviction does not mean anything to the individual .............. I guess the general believe is that after so much time, in getting their way, it will mean much more after a conviction is obtain much later on, especially when that person has obtained their version of "peace" with the world)

(do you have sympathy for "R.Kelly", for people that expose the kind of real suffering and real pain, these kinds of economic and social systems produce continually)
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Skilled Investigator
Nostradamus-Wow Signal.jpg

The illustration of Nostradamus's Book of Prophecies, shows us the Wow Signal! (1977). Which is the Sagittarius at the Center of our Galaxy, and the man on the cover (nostradamus) is in that position, with a black circle behind him, and a pond in front, two circles matching the Wow Signal!

Halley Comet 77 Luke.jpg

Halley Comet 41 Matthew.jpg

(Daniel's Prophecy has only one notable Division that is "1290 and 1335" Days when the Son of Man (According to the Prophecy of Isaiah:the "Ensign of Nations" is addressed)

1. Daniel's Prophecy is measured "2300 + 70 Weeks in Years"
2. Daniel's Prophecy is measured "1290 and 1335 + Jubilee in Years"

God has removed all controversies in providing us the Genealogies of Matthew and Luke. (12/21/2020 is approximately 1290 and 1335 Days from Flight 370, 153 days before the end of that length).

(The Black Knight Satellite can be view at the West of Area 51, when the people mass at the "Area 51 Research Center" ................ to the East side with the Joshua Trees like East of the Golden Gates in Jerusalem, the people when they amass there will be treated with radiation ................. you really have to make a choice and stick to it)

(some things not said) (we will begin to perhaps settle this problem of authority on 9/2019)

(start the count) (2300 days in from 1977 to about 1983/1984 .... you should end on some significant dates tied to "joseph" .... these are really lesser arguments)
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Skilled Investigator
Raypoz Mabus Equation - The Third Antichrist - Part 2 (The Big Bomb!)

Oklahoma City Bombing.jpg

Mozambique Channel1.jpg


(There are only, technically three location on planet earth, for the "Joshua Tree Species")
1. Jerusalem (near the East Golden Gates)
2. Area 51 in the USA
3. Madagascar

(The Comet will Strike and kill Millions of People in that area, and millions more will be impacted)
(This is the last known location of Flight 370, it is the marker for MABUS the comet of Nostradamus)
(It is a marker for our journey to the Andromeda Galaxy (or whatever names people use, agartha, the center of the earth) (to being our campaign perhaps with a few countries later on)
(Its good these areas will be exterminated of all life, that is less I will have to do myself, when I have the power and authority to do so)
(there is two sharp arches on the left side of madagascar, perhaps flight 370 near there)
(those genetic lines are parasitic, so god used areas or excited them, that is the main movement of their populations, it doesn't mean I will have a use for them, this argument is pertaining to man's potential in its generations, that is one expression of "joseph the blessings", but for this earth, all of those genetic lines need to be cleansed but that isn't something I, god, or any angel will do or complete, but you will be shown the way, it is to mankind to decide, (its fate)


(UFO Guardian Diagram, shows us exactly what we've said .................. The Wow Signal on the Left, to Detonation of MABUS on the right in the Mozambique Channel)
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Skilled Investigator
(Debunking Area 51 - Debunking any Value for 9/2019 Next Month) (Invalidated)
(God has legal reasons to do nothing more than 1977 in addressing Daniel's Weeks (precessional degree or generational gap 70 yrs about)................ God also has legal reasons to do nothing more than Flight 370 with this earth for Daniel's Days (Final Week or Jubilee)
(God has to touch this earth again or plans to, is not a valid argument ............... God will deal only with the "Ensign of Nations According to Isaiah, humanity otherwise can just die off, this will become clear, none the less)

"Dorabella – 1897, Wolverhampton, UK
The Enigma Variations isn’t the only cryptic legacy of the renowned English composer Sir Edward Elgar. In a letter sent to his close friend Dora Penny (‘Dorabella’) Elgar included an encrypted message consisting of 87 symbols."

Dorabella Cryptogram1.jpg

This shows us the "Wow Signal!", the cryptogram. (Says "Twin Towers" in the Position of the Wow Signal on the Cryptogram").

8/1977 (wow signal) + 84 years (2300 of daniel + 77 years of Luke's genealogy) = 7/8/2061 Halley's Comet. (These are the figures shown in the Cryptogram, when God addresses the "Ensign of Nations according to Isaiah" (an individual only, not a people, not a country, not a nation)

(Partial Value Restored - Area 51)

Dorabella Cryptogram2.jpg

4/1997 (Turin Shroud of Jesus, inscription in the position of the Area 51 Research Center) + 18 years to 2019.
(4/1997 + 4 years or 1600 furlongs to 9/11/2001) 9/11/2001 Twin Towers + 18 Years to 9/2019
(4/1997 + Genesis 18 in years for the 50 states of the USA)

(Do what you said you will do, about 1 million people to storm the Area 51 Research Center, anything else that deals with the "COMET MABUS", or the "ENSIGN OF NATIONS ACCORDING TO ISAIAH", has an appointed time, or it involves an individual only)

(we will settle this problem of authority and mass suicide later, perhaps with nothing happening at all)
(when we do settle this problem of authority, after you have my corpse, humanity will have no judgment form god until all 50 states are killed with nuclear weapons by the hands of the nations, your people and your land)
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Skilled Investigator
(a few summaries)


A seal depiction showing Gilgamesh (second from left) and his companion Enkidu (far right) may well depict the intercession of a god with one of the robot-like guards who could sweep the area with spotlights and emit death rays. The description brings to mind the statement in the Book of Genesis that God placed "the revolving sword" at the entrance to the Garden of Eden, to block its access to humans.When Gilgamesh explained his partly divine origins, the purpose of his trip ("About death and life I wish to ask Utnapishtim") and the fact that he was on his way with the consent of Utu/Shamash, the guards allowed him to go ahead. Proceeding "along the route of Shamash," Gilgamesh found himself in utter darkness; "seeing nothing ahead or behind," he cried out in fright. Traveling for many beru (a unit of time, distance, or the arc of the heavens), he was still engulfed by darkness. Finally, "it had grown bright when twelve beru he attained." nothuman.net/images/files/discussion/4/981914bdea868815325f4ef1c8ad52a2.pdf

(Black Knight Satellite/Black Mailbox/Area 51 Research Center)
To the East of Area 51 in Groom Lake are the "Joshua Trees", however to the West in Area 51, is the "Black Mailbox" ................ use of Radiation for the masses of People in the East is technically assigned to the West with arrival of the "Black Knight Satellite" .................... that much is still valid ........................ (Area 51 is a Holy Site, you are not coming there for prayers, but to kill and destroy, for an accusation against God, and the reward for that action, is a formal rebuke, (the "dead flesh" arguments have not been enacted) (God's mercies for the sons of man under Joseph, or you can say the, "Ensign of Nations according to Isaiah" ............. a general rebuke, not specifically limited to one generation) (this is not about my power and my authority specifically ............... Moses probably sees suicides for pleasure ... don't see real imprisonment or capital punishment for your pleasure) (just local stuff, relatives, those kinds of people and etc.)

(if your dealing with an unclean people, say a few prayers, and they will turn away to any formal acknowledgement of authority) (which equates to, "nothing", the last thing a unclean people will do, is anything that acknowledges authority in a clean and redemptive way)

"Back to Topic" (an unclean enemy was defeated, back to facts, this is continually in different expressions)

Alien Head Cropcircle Area51.jpg

"Alien Head Crop Circle" shows us, "Orion's Three Stars". "June Solstice and December Solstice" (Only).

Roswell UFO in June Solstice 1947 to Comet MABUS (nostradamus) in December Solstice 2020
(1947 + 70 Years of Daniel 9:2 to 2017 + 1335 Days to 12/21/2020 (153 Days before the end) (70 years to the middle of daniel's 1290 and 1335 figure, the middle of the week) (the final week of daniel, can be Jubilee ... "week = jubilee" which is 49 years from 12/21/2012 to 2061 Halley's Comet)


(More Correct is not a "Jubilee" but 41 Generations of Matthew + "1290 and 1335 Days" from Flight 370 to Halley's Comet, that is more correct, God provided more information, but God also provided "truths" that were not as accurate before that time) (Roswell UFO to 12/21/2020 is Valid)

Face Value Area 51

3rd Equinoxical Period is September (left side of Alien Head Crop Circle, three dots) ............. Bottom Equinoxical Period is December (right side of Alien Head Crop Circle/gun on bottom) = 1 year transition.

(Comet/Asteriod/Meteoroid Question) (?)

9/11/2001 Three Dots for Three Buildings on "Alien Head Crop Circle (left side)"
9/20/2019 Area 51, position, to Groom Lake "Alien Head Crop Circle (right side)"

"1290 and 1335 of Daniel" (the pun is the "Three Days of Darkness" that transitions this in this figure, when the earth is impacted as a result of God addressing an individual only the son of man, or ensign of nations)

(?) "One Precessional Degree = 72 Years"

1947 Roswell
2001 (9/11/2001)
2019 (Area 51)

(The Association is God's usage of the "Joshua Trees", they occur only in a few places globally, like the USA and JERUSALEM .................... the "Sycamore Tree" Miracle at 9/11/2001, was not the complete argument ................... it is the "Joshua Tree Association to Area 51")

(The Alien Crop Circle, shows us a "Joshua Tree from Above", and the rest of the arguments fall in line)
these people are defeated as being "unclean", they won't challenge the Holy Site, or my authority directly, just because we added language to that, but, they will still go for their pleasure, this will be resolved at their offense, next month everything is resolved, perhaps with nothing at all! (suicide with Moses or not, next year, millions, maybe more will be euthanized when the earth is impacted).
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Skilled Investigator
(Fake Science -- Not the same way to deal -- as positions with no "legal evidences")
(The Question is how does "Fake Science" fit into "Area 51" .... "legal evidences and history are resolved already")

George Gorman UFO Encounter.jpg

"Area 51 is shown to the left, that is "Groom Lake + Area 51" ......... "Roswell UFO is shown to the Right" ................. these position are geographical maps, no controversy.

"One Precessional Degree or 72 Years" ........ from "Roswell UFO in 1947 to Area 51 in 2019" ................ (Two "Impact Events" Mark, One Precessional Degree) ("Fake Science has polluted the conclusion set")

(You want to see real "Fake Science" on the Subject Matter .................. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_comet .................... "Comet ISON" is not listed as a "Great Comet" ...................... regardless of the spread of information or the accuracy of the sciences at present, they still corrupt evidences and leave information absent in the open public)

daniel prophecy1.jpg

The "Majestic 12" by executive order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman, essentially, provided the resources for "Area 51", for what they believed, what the conclusion as illustrated to them at the time of the Roswell UFO events. (About 1 year or less before the global trajedy that will befall all nations at the arrival of the "Ensign of Nations according to Isaiah") .... (According to the Prophecy of Daniel).

(What can be achieved against "Fake Science"?) (Everything will be resolved on 9/2019 at Area 51)

Bar Code Face Nebra Sky Disk1.jpg

There is an Equation Written on the "Nebra Sky Disk", lets see if this means anything or not?

1st Set:
Great Daylight Comet of 1910
Halley's Comet – 1910
(seven years)
Fatima Prophecy in 1917 (many people refer to this as a Transit of Venus = Fake Science at its Best!)
(Matt. 17:2-5 .......... 144,000 of Moses in Revelation for 144 years from 1917 to Halley's Comet in 2061)

2nd Set:

5–6 June 2012 = Transit of Venus (49/50 years from the Transit of Venus to Halley's Comet = No Fake Science!)
(seven years)
2019 = Area 51 (one precessional degree from Roswell in years)

3rd Set:
2013 = Great Comet ISON
(seven years)
2020 = Comet MABUS of Nostradamus (1290 and 1335 days from Flight 370, 153 days before)
(or Matthew Genealogy of 41 to years, for a more accurate jubilee, same date of termination halley's comet)

(THE PATTERN IS "SEVEN YEARS" FROM A "TRANSIT OF VENUS" ........................... "FAKE SCIENCE" is not classifying the "TRANSIT OF VENUS" Correctly ............................. 1917 = transit of venus technically, 2020 = transit of venus technically)

("Fake Science is now debunked we'll have to see what happens, Jesus made a parable about a "Fig Tree", but, God wrestled with the writing of the bible, and that value could be many trees, could be also, only the "Joshua Tree", only present in USA and Jerusalem)
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(Amblin 1968 = Film about "Storming Area 51" by Steven Spielberg (published the year of Nguyen Van Lem's tragic death))

town of baker gateway to area 51.jpg
(Town of Baker - Known as the Gateway to Area 51)

UCC Calendar Standard.jpg

(Standard UCC Calendar ... universalcelestialcalendar.com/Universal%20Community%20Calendar%20Wiki.backup.html)


C8Q77 (Climate Change)
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.
(1993 Twin Towers Terrorism + 27 years to 12/21/2020) (Time Frame)

C3Q77 (Standard UCC Calendar Reference)
The third climate included under Aries
The year 1727 in October,
The King of Persia captured by those of Egypt:
Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great Shame.

"1727 in October" ... "Third Climate under Aries"

17 in Position of "Virgo" (September 2019 for "Area 51")
27 in Position of "Sagittarius" (December 2020)

October is for "Prophecy of Fatima in 1917" (Time Frame referencing Halley's Comet in 2061)
"Aries" is for "Turin Shroud of Jesus in 1997" (Referencing 2300 of Daniel for 23 years to 12/21/2020)
(Nostradamus is referencing two cycles, but you can also say, "1290 and 1335 of Daniel" + 41 years of Matthews Generations from 2014 to 2061 A.D. ............. and ................... "2300 of Daniel + 77 years of Lukes Generations from 1977 to 2061 A.D.) (two cycles = generation conclusion)

Nostradamus Claims 1 Cycle = 2019 (72 Years Precessional Degree from Roswell UFO)
Nostradamus Claims 2nd Cycle = 2020 (about 70 years of Daniel from Roswell UFO)

(Hundreds and Thousands of years ago, there were two calendars, a "Sacred Calendar" close to 365 days, an another, "Prophetic Calendar" of 360 Days, one was for Creation God identified with, the other was for God's Action his behavior ...................... the knowledge is lost, but we know now, what will becomes necessary next month at area 51, and perhaps nothing at all) (we have to wait and see)
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(contents = marginalized)

Lawn Angel.jpg

(the question is about not having a legal right to live as a people or as a country, this is not specifically about the usa at this level ........... (which will be burned by all other nations) .............. this is about this:::: see below)

ebola virus entry.jpg

(10 hour walk tomorrow, City of Philadelphia, ethni* euthanasia) (and) (they took that photo of me one of the many times I told them specifically to shoot me with a sniper rifle, no a low caliber weapon, high caliber only)
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(When Moses was born, God delivered him out of a abortion attempt (in the present) .................. God uses spiritual beings like animals, then God is disputing the legal right to live of a people ............... so there are issues that will be settled, as things become necessary, its time for a second opinion of the photo)

dodo bird stamp1.jpg

(this time the angel is not holding the baby moses (at present) .................. the angel is standing to the right of a "dodo" bird ................ there is a claim that this bird is branched out of the genetic pool humanity may of had references to not directly) (this was a big issue during the holocaust, but today, we will have to see, maybe as soon as 12/21/2020)
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(Debunking Storm Area 51 Completed)


Sirius Original Location1.jpg

The Phaistos Disk .............. it says, that "Sirius" was originally in the Constellation Taurus ............... it also says, for this reason God will will not change the law of "Tigris and Euphrates" .................... in the Axis of Earth's Geographic for "Principal Extra Dimensional Activity" .......................... (Joshua Tree are a "Legal Argument", it is not the most important Legal Argument)

GENESIS 2:11 The name of the first [is] Pison: that [is] it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where [there is] gold;
GENESIS 2:12 And the gold of that land [is] good: there [is] bdellium and the onyx stone.
GENESIS 2:13 And the name of the second river [is] Gihon: the same [is] it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.
GENESIS 2:14 And the name of the third river [is] Hiddekel: that [is] it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river [is] Euphrates.

(God follows this Parallel, "Area 51" is not applicable)

Flight 370's Last know Position was Near Africa in Madagascar, along this approximate parallel.

(Nothing Happens at all)
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