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Odd happenings but pretty cool though



I live in Michigan and my Father died of cancer exactly a year ago today. Since then There has been some strange things happen, but none of them scary.
First when I am alone I have heard footsteps come from the master bedroom to the bathroom about 10 times since he died. They do not sound like him though, and sound like someone a little lighter. He lost a lot of weight with the cancer and he did happen to die in the house in my arms while I took him to the bathroom from the bedroom. This is a frequent thing and honestly I find it pretty cool. I normally grab my Walther P99 and take a complete walkthru of the house because I would just love it to be a burgler but no such luck. I end up never finding anything.
The other thing strange only happened one time. I woke up at 7 like normal, and when I got to the main floor EVERY light on the floor was on. Every room, even the ones that are not used at all. Lights I never use were on. one of the rooms that is locked up because there are valueables and a safe in even had all the lights on. Since my father got sick and I am disabled from serving over in Iraq I came back to live with him and I am now the only one living there. I know for a fact that I did not do it. True it was a bit unnerving but after getting shot at for months on end I found it more exciting and intresting then anything else. I have walked into a few cold spots in the house too and I am not sure what to make of them.

Ok on to me. Since I am disabled I do happen to be on medications. I suffered a closed head injury and it has been found that I have a cyst in my brain. I have disabling migranes and see stars in my vision. I get tired very easily and suffer from PTSD. I am sure that does not help when it comes to the whole ghost thing but better to be honest about all this since I think here in the paracast forums we are more interested in the TRUTH then sensationilsm. I am on Vicoden, Ultram, and Imitrex in somewhat heavy doses. It could be possible that it is those meds that are doing this but I doubt it since I never have blackouts or anything. Also among believers of the supernatural I am also a Richard Dawkins type Athiest. I do not believe in a soul and I do not believe in a spirit. So I do not know what to make of it. I do not think it is my dad coming back or anything I just find these odd occurances strange and kind of exciting.
I have another post of another experience I had as a teen (I am now 30) where I was on no meds or drugs at all. I think this could be a good thing to discuss since I take that rare atheists view of the world.

Well thanks for reading this and let me know what you guys think of it good or bad.