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October 28th / The Philadelphia Experiment is now a 75 Year Old Legend

Andrew Hochheimer

Paranormal Novice

The Philadelphia Experiment is now a 75 Year Old Legend. It's hard to believe 75 years have gone by and the interest is still there with 100's of visitors a day to my website.
"To the best of Allen’s recollection, the disappearance of the DE-173 occurred between 17:05 and 17:20 hours on the 28th of October 1943."


The PX has ties with Ufology from men in black encounters to Allen's stories of The Great Ark / UFO's;

“Oh, we have had contact with the ET’s since 1943. It was due to an accident of an experiment that the Navy was running at that time, on invisibility!”

"On the second of June, 1946 a brightly flaming object was seen in the sky above the Gulf of Alaska. The Great Ark, it was called.. I was on the Malay in the Atlantic… After it landed {9 miles from the Malay} , it discharged a lot of smaller craft… lifeboats… We pulled up four miles and turned parallel with the Ark, and that’s when it exploded. It was a small nuclear explosion, but there was no harmful fallout” – Carl M. Allen (1991)

And lets not forget the some say suspicious death of Morris K. Jessup who's book "The Case of the UFO" brought Navy interest into the Subject.


Andrew Hochheimer

Paranormal Novice
Weather the Philadelphia Experiment happened or not is one thing, but there is no mistake on how it changed the lives of so many over the 75 years now. There is real stories of real people that were affected by this possible event in so many ways, and this is where a lot of the interest truly is. Beyond Carl Allen and a few others there is little. The whole Montauk Project and people involved craziness, is simply that. Weather a ship disappeared in 1943 or not, it sure did impact our popular culture and the future of many good people. My site (www.de173.com) gives all the facts as depressing as they may be at times as well as some interesting stores that make you wonder. I have spent over 35 years digging through books, making phone calls, meeting and interviewing various people. I have walked the decks of the Eldridge’s Sister Ship to get a real idea of the scale of the possible experiment. I have held original letters from Carl Allen, and poured over government microfilms, and archives. I even had the opertunity to purchase the Eldridge lol.. There is little doubt anyone has spent more time on the subject. As Mulder would say “I want to believe” but the facts of documented historical events from multiple ships, and quality of witnesses makes this hard at times. Lack of evidence is simply that, lack of evidence. Some may surface possibly one day. Something may have happened, all the right people were in the right place... but what really happened? We are all getting old and one thing is for sure this story will outlast us as it has so many others, and that in its self is pretty amazing.
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Skilled Investigator
(I make the decisions, I decide, that was a joke)


eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEatlas/SEatlas3/SE2001-25T-2.GIF (this is current not shown above)
(The Reason is, the earth undergoes a shift of some kind to some degree, so apart of this information is a projection, we can't view this entirely as factual for that reason, so take your pick of the future projections from nasa)

The City of Philadelphia USA is indicated on the FINAL Solar Eclipse Period of this Century, some of this UFO information is and are, really prophecies. (blue circle and lines to the left, black circles to the right same argument).

There is a Prophecy about the Statue of William Penn or something coming down in Philadelphia to mark the end of days or the end of Daniel's Weeks .................................. the legal answer is "77 Year Anniversary" (daniel's weeks or years), this should take place 12/21/2020 (you can say 23 years from the Turin Shroud of Jesus for 2300 of Daniel).

(Portals can be opened up anywhere, but, they probably won't last long, the earth itself is a big conductor for these arguments at specific intersections most likely dealing with areas of the latent magnetic field or other ........................... what really happens is these arguments are excited/created, but nothing much more can be done, either they are sustained or they collapse, the argument of "dead flesh" is an acknowledgement we must observed, recorded in history) (a proper discernment of accessibility in god's mercies, and god's mercies can only be made at said time, when these come into play)

The Question is not really about the Philadelphia Experiment, its about the "77th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment, which is dead close to My Birthday 10/18, anniversary on 10/28"

Mother Shipton Prophecies deal with..............
A fiery dragon will cross the sky
Six times before this earth shall die
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the sixth heralds in this prophecy

For seven days and seven nights
Man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken
To bite away the shores and then
The mountains will begin to roar
And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

(The Answer is Issac Newton's Prophecy about 2061 A.D. Halley's Comet .............................. 2300 Days of Daniel or 6 years from Jesus Turin Shroud in 1997 = 2020 A.D. (Jesus the Dragon) ............................. "77 or 7x7" equals the 77th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment, or a "Jubilee of 49 years, 7 times 7", from 12/21/2012 to 2061 A.D. for Halley's Comet, Issac Newton's Prophecy.

(The Correct Answer is ................................ The Prophecy Deals with the City Hall where the Black William Penn Statue Is located (nostradamus's "black male") ................... to the Margaret Orthodox/Arrot Terminal along the Market Frankford Line .................... this is just a pun, for a Geographic Marker, of God's identification with the SIGN OF DIVORCE, for the short period of "three days" when God addresses the ENSIGN OF NATIONS ACCORDING TO ISAIAH with his mercies (this earth is not necessarily in view, its dead flesh arguments prevents anything more then calamity, that is what we will get to the bottom of, next year) (think the HOPPI PROPHECY, is a geographic marker, same)

(10 hour walk tomorrow city hall, city of philadelphia, now, things will become clear eventually that the legal statement i've made is those kinds of peoples their sin, against that one individual, created the dead flesh movements, the conflicts, the migrations, etc. ................... pain for pain is magnified many times over, and then over time war starts, perhaps a war this summer)

(I will say, that I am only the medium in this process between you and god, once we fully understand the dead flesh argument, in one way or another, I back out of it, that is the historical pattern, but I have an idea of how these things go, first things first ...................... people like to say the earth is going to pass through a belt, at the transition of an age, etc.) (information spreads quickly that is the principal strength, the generations before ours have not had)
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