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October 13, 2019 — Kevin D. Randle

Gene Steinberg

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Staff member
Kevin Randle is back, talking about regressive hypnosis and its impact on investigating UFO abductions with a focus on the 1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi case, and lots of other subjects.

This weekend, we focus on recent UFO events during William Puckett's extended segment on After The Paracast.

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Paranormal Adept
To me, Kevin strikes a healthy balance between skepticism and acceptance.
I also liked his take on Calvin Parker. I have no problem regarding the latter as a victim of hypnosis induced delusion rather than as a culprit.

Farlig Gulstein

Just to mention, that at the Forum page, the DOWNLOAD (Free Version): is still linked to the Calvin Parker interview, not to the Kevin Randle inteview.

I thought it was interesting that Kevin again mentioned his book, Conversations, A Study in Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, since it descibes a young, mid-west housewife who complained of possible alien abduction, and who sought out Kevin to investigate. As Kevin mentioned on the show, someone else performed the hypnotic sessions of the housewife, and at a certain stage the woman spoke in different voice patterns. So the hypnosis sessions turned into regression sessions, and the voice speaking through the woman made claims that were evidently tied to the Jack the Ripper cases (among others), of which Kevin already knew some things. (Hence the sinister cover of the book.) So, interestingly, though Kevin seems to be healthily skeptical, he evidently does not throw out all weird evidence with the bathwater. Does he believe past lives are possible? Because the other way to say that is "reincarnation." Yikes...

I was also glad that Kevin mentioned that retired Admiral Wilson disputes the notes that Richard Dolan says are the leak of the century.