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Now Who Was Abducted By Aliens?

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Why is it I think I am really open-minded about most things, I believe there are UFO's in earth's sky, I have had one paranormal ghost-like sighting, yet I feel the vast majority of abduction stories to be the claims of attention-seekers?
I accept this may be grossly unfair, especially because if the ET hypothesis is correct to some degree it would actually make sense for their to be alien abductions going on.
Am I alone in this way of thinking?


Skilled Investigator
Im with you Goggsmackay! Alot of the abductee's seem to scream "everybody look at me" when it comes to the mainstream media attention. I think alot of the genuine abductions out there, are people who are to afraid to address the subject.


Paranormal Adept
Seriously get her on the show. I met her once privately in person. Really heavy New Yorker accent, very tall and quite pretty actually. About all i can say.


Paranormal Adept
For some comedic value, have some german dubbed ( i hate it with a passion, I think we are the only country left on earth that is dubbing everything, from tv to blockbusters) 'Die Nanny'.
Did she ever do anything else ?


Paranormal Maven
Don't worry dyingsun, in Italy they've got the same annoying habit. And you should really check out a couple of Polish channels for some comedic value where they've got a single guy dubbing everyone - male or female. :)

And God - Fran Drescher?! I hope they've taken her and dumped her into a inter-galactic depot for bad comedy, we should be so lucky. Good thing it was a stupid joke in the end, there's certanly no need for her to contaminate the UFO field. Like the Nanny wasn't bad enough...


Paranormal Adept
I would give her some credit for coming clean with this early on, instead of being coy about it. This is show biz, after all.


Paranormal Adept
I don't necessarily buy that it was a joke. She was a victim of the ridicule factor. That could be why she backed off. Its an easy out.