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New Paracast+ Possibilities!

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
So The Paracast Forum is now updated to XenForo 2, which offers a new interface and new features.

On the downside, the book review section is history, but it never took off as we hoped it would.

Also, for a day or so, you may have difficulty updating the RSS feed for Paracast+ episodes (you may also see a password prompt), but they're all available for download here.

With the new forum update, subscribers for The Paracast+ should get a receipt from us and not just PayPal.

I'm also looking into ways to simplify the sign-up process, such as joining the forum and subscribing in a single operation (won't affect you folks of course).

For those who aren't into PayPal (and I understand why from a recent personal experience), I'm checking into alternate payment options that are now available in the new forum upgrade.

Suggestions are welcomed.