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New Haunted Painting on Auction Site

Do you believe objects (such as paintings) can be haunted?

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Snidely Whiplash

Paranormal Maven
This reminds me of the Elvis or virgin Mary food stuffs that are sold on eBay. I'm suprized some smoo hasn't bought it yet. They need to call The Haunted Collector on SCYFY if they want to unload it. :)

E. L. Wisty

Skilled Investigator
Actually some smoo has bought it! The reserve price was £1, but vincent3932 of Midwest City, Oklahoma bid the curious sum of £2.20, only to be outbidden by a princely offer of £50 from - hang about! - from vincent3932. So the only two people who wanted this painting were the same guy, bidding against himself? And he was prepared to spend an extra £47.80 on something he already had in the bag for £2.20? Clearly dark forces are indeed emanating from this painting! Luckily they only seem to work on people called vincent3932.