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My mother's experiences


My mother was not particularly interested in the paranormal, i.e.: She never read books on it or studied it, but she had several experiences she told me about.

1. She was born in 1914, the second of two daughters. Her mother had TB and was sickly; her father had chronic asthma. Her father named my mother 'Poor Hopes' because he thought she would never be born. In postcards to her he would start them with 'PH' They lived in Gunnison, Colorado. When she grew up she moved to the big city, Denver, and lived at the YWCA for awhile. Once when she was with a group of people a voice in the room, her father's, said, "Poor Hopes, I need my medicine." Everyone heard the voice, but, of course, only my mother recognized it and understood. Her father was in trouble. She immediately arranged to get him the medicine he needed. (He was an M.D., by the way.)

2. The older daughter, my aunt, was born in 1908 in Stiggler, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. She lived her life, became quite senile, and passed away. I visited my mother shortly after and just had a hunch, so I asked her if she had any experiences with 'Aunt Sister' about the time she died. My mother got a strange look on her face and told me she saw Aunt Sister in a dream. "I just came to say good bye," was what she said.

3. A few months before my mother's death my father placed her in a nursing home for about three weeks. She had some sort of episode where she lost consciousness, perhaps from a drug overdose. She was 'out of it' for a couple of weeks later, but she did get well enough to come home. I visited her in the nursing home and, once again, had a hunch. So I asked her, "Have you seen your father?" "Oh, yes!" she said. "He said he would help me anyway he could." I asked her how and where she had seen him. She said, "He came down those stairs right there." She pointed to a corner of the room. Of course, there were no stairs at all.