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My junior year in high school


Well, Ally, I'm not sure I understood all of that, but it is a compelling story. Churches can be compelling places. I think they are made to be, of course, and they simply have to be repositories of a lot of emotion. I know this is going to sound scmaltzy, but when I was five years old my mother allowed me to go home with a classmate for a visit after school. Why my mother allowed this I have no idea. When it was time to go home the other family just said bye and out the door I went. I had no idea where I was. I had never been in that neighborhood before. I had no idea how to get home. I remember I started crying and wandering the streets. Finally I saw the steeple of the Catholic church next door to my elementary school. After that I was able to navigate home.

I have always felt fondly of that church. I've been to weddings there and to a friend of mine's funeral. It's just one of those landmarks that has always been in my life. I'm by no means a Christian, but that place is special.

My son was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at age 11 or so. The doctor more or less did the same thing to him that you reported. He told Matthew (my son) that it was HIS problem and he alone was responsible for taking care of it. He told us, "Do you want a diabetic son or a son with diabetes. Your choice." We had a year or so if difficulties, but it has turned out fine. He's 30 and doing well and is probably the most responsible and mature of our children. It worked.

If you'd like to share more I'm sure we will listen. No one's going to go south on you. It's too personal for that.


Skilled Investigator
Hi Ally, thanks for sharing.

I can strongly relate to your feelings about what you first wrote and I would like
to ask a question in a moment.

Some of my most frightening experiences have played out in a very similar way to
yours, added to which I was diagnosed as suffering from hypoglycemia during those years. No time to talk now, but my own recollections have never given me any reason to suspect any outside interference. Never even occured to me, I was just sick.

Not that I am suggesting for one moment the impressions and feelings within you are not valid in any way. Rather what I experienced when in the middle of those events was I would guess, what many might come to regard as within the realms of the paranormal. Perhaps they truly are, we just haven't learned how to decipher them correctly yet, or maybe we've just forgotten.

I wonder what an epileptic Bushman or Eskimo might have to say.

My question to you is, right at this moment are you breathing from your belly or
just your chest?
I am perfectly serious and have good reason to ask, as this is something that came up recently with a good friend who is suffering big time, but that's all I can say.
Your insights might actually help someone very close and whatever any of this actually means is less important sometimes than coming to terms with it and moving on.




Nothin' to see here
Tks for sharing Ally. Im sure its not easy to do so on a public forum.

Im curious, did you ever get corroborating information from a different intuitive? Ever try hypnosis?


Skilled Investigator
I appreciate your telling your story, Ally, and plan to comment later when I have more time to reply. Have you ever had a conscious OBE (out of body experience)?