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My friend, her visions and "entities"


Paranormal Novice
I mentioned this briefly elsewhere but decided to go into detail. As a precursor to those who did not see my initial post, I consider myself an open-minded skeptic. Everything in this post is entirely first-hand information (on my part) from someone who was, at the time, an extremely close friend.

She told me that, ever since she can remember, she's had brief flashes of visions of her future. These flashes are usually of emotive moments, when she's at any particularly heightened state. An example of the type of 'flash' she's seen in the past would be when she was dating a guy whose daughter contracted Leukemia and underwent Chemotherapy. She said that, before it was diagnosed, she'd have flashes of the young girl screaming at her in pain with a balding head.

Now, you might ask why - if I am skeptical, as mentioned above - I would believe such a thing. Well, the reason I take her word for it (outside of trust) is that she's contacted me at times of extreme stress before to ask if I'm OK. For example, I had an emotional breakdown several years back due to several difficult situations and every time I found myself in tears (and I mean EVERY time) she'd call me within minutes. I should also point out that we lived a train journey away from each other at this point and - being an introvert - I didn't usually talk to anyone about how I was feeling. She simply said that she'd had an image of me fly through her minds eye and wanted to check on me.

Now, on the flipside, I will say that there are also "visions" she's had that have not come true and seem unlikely to, now. She's spoken of a repeating visions that she's had for years of a baby boy in blue that is her child, but she doesn't feel like she wants children and got an abortion a few years back. When she was dating the same ex who had the daughter, she also had a vision of them walking a street late at night and him being stabbed, which (thankfully) never happened.

As suggested in the title, she's also had times when she's claimed to have seen "entities" in and around her home. She phoned me once in hysterics because she said a baby "troll-like" creature literally ran under her legs in her bedroom. She says that she has vivid memories of characters from kids TV shows visiting her when she was young (in specific, Worzel Gummage, for any UK readers!) and, as mentioned in the original thread, she has claimed to have seen a shadow person in my bedroom at home (which I have not seen).

So yeah... I realise that there's nothing in the above outside of anecdotal evidence but I'm not really presenting it as anything more than that. It's just always really fascinated me. Sadly we don't talk so much anymore (as often happens with close male-female friendships, romantic feelings got eventually got in the way) but she has told me that she still occasionally gets the visions.