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My Experiences Throughout Life, Part 1


Paranormal Novice
I can not speak for anyone else, and can't truly prove or every fully believe what I have seen, heard, felt, or thought, but I would still like to tell about some of my experiences. I am not embellishing anything in these stories. I only call them stories because they didn't happen to you, I am telling them to you as stories, but they truly happened to me. As for the meaning, or explanation, I have but a guess. I apologize for spelling or grammar errors. I do not claim to be a professional writer. I merely feel that sharing my experiences would be worthwhile, and at least fun for me.

Somewhere between the years of 1986-87, I was a young child around two, or barely 3 years old(I was still sleeping in a crib), I can remember having a "dream" where there were spirits floating above my crib, looking down at me, almost moving around like a mobile. I did not have a mobile however, and I still find it odd that at this very young age, I recognized that they were spirits, or at least knew something was up because I can remember being filled with fear.

5 years later('91-'92)
I am 7 years old, we are living in a triplex. We live on the main level and my mom and soon to be step-dad are the landlords. I am in the living room one night with my brother chance watching some t.v. show on our Zenith. The T.V. is in good condition and has never had any problems that I can remember. Suddenly the television changes to channel 65, and the room is filled with the sound of static, and the chaotic snowy content. I remember feeling a little freaked out, but we were more concerned that we were missing our show than about why it happened. It seemed more strange to me looking back on it.

1 year later('92-93)
I am 8 years old, We have moved from Anoka, MN, to Elk River. My Mom and Step-Dad just got married and she is expecting a child in the near future. We are moving into a "new"(old fixer upper) house. I am very excited to be by the river, and have more of a back yard.

2 years later, 10 years old('94-95),
I am with my brother Chance, out in my grandpa's pasture, in Lisbon, North Dakota. We have wander way out where usually only the cows and crows go. We come up over a hill and see a little pond(can't really call it a lake, it's probably just rain water collected in the bowl shape in between these hills). There is a fallen tree down there and it seems like a cool little place we found down here. We head down there and are just kind of rambling to each-other about whatever. We both start to feel a heavy sense of dread and a feeling of being watched. The I remember there being a wind current sweeping into the valley there and getting a sudden chill. My brother commented on feeling creeped out and then he started telling me how there were indians buried out here in the hills. I don't believe my Grandpa's pasture is a burial ground, but the creepy feeling I felt.

I have had recurring dreams since a young age involving an unseen presence that causes irrational and unaccounted for terror, completely paralyzing fear, and often accompanied by the sound of white noise, not loud, but ceaseless.

Fast forward,

I am 12 years old('96-97). My friend Andy Fox and I are home alone at my childhood home in Elk River, MN. The house was built in the 1940's and while that might not mean anything, this place definitely gave me some strange vibes. While playing around the house, we ventured into the basement, where my new bedroom was in the process of being built. That basement always creeped me out, but I guess most basements do. When we were down there we heard something upstairs, it sounded like a loud bang, like something falling to the floor, or maybe a foot stomping. Just one sound, but it was loud enough that we both looked up towards the ceiling/floor and then looked at each other. We thought it might be my rat terrier "Lucy" and we went back upstairs to find out. Lucy turned out to be outside on her zip line thing. We decide to look around the rest of the house, and the way upstairs for "burglars" we are just kind of jokingly looking but it's something to entertain our young minds. We check the whole house and we start to relax back to the state of mind we were in before the sound happened. We are walking down the stairs and into the living room when we hear loud footsteps in the hallway upstairs, heading toward the first set of stairs leading to the landing and main staircase down to where we are. We spin around as the sound grows louder and can almost feel the weight of the source of sound. The foot steps are speeding up slightly and coming down the stairs towards us but we see no one but each other. We don't say anything but both start running pretty much simultaneously. We go into the nearest bathroom off of the kitchen and lock the door, both completely terrified. After 5-10 minutes of freaking out we calm down and come back out into the living room. We do not hear anymore sounds the rest of the day or night.

A few other things that occurred in our home:
-Light-bulbs unscrewing themselves from their sockets in the night and crashing to the floor(this happened more than a few times).
-Washing machine lid mysteriously being open, mid-cycle, when no one is home but my mother, who comes downstairs to check the load, and finds that someone has opened the door on the machine(this happened countless times, over 20 at least).
-Rapping, foot steps, and other mysterious sounds.
-A long sewing needle that my mother does not recognize is found pushed into my mothers water bed, that is in the master bedroom of the house(very strong vibes in that room).
-Animals seem to be seeing something I can't, late at night.
-A electronic toy dog starts running sporadically while the power switch is off(Age 16, Home alone, 10pm)
-I get the feeling that there is one other non-physical resident that is here in the house, and it is a young woman, or girl, she doesn't seem too negative.
-I watch the handle on the pantry door turn slowly and open a couple inches(Age 17, around 2 am)
-I attempt communication with the "girl" and ask what her name is. I feel that the letter "K" comes to mind. I disregard this for the most part, not having much experience with telepathy or any non physical communication.

Now I would like to tell about one of my most frightening experiences:
I am 18 years old(2001-02). Over at my friend Jeremiah's girlfriend's house. Erin, Jeremiah, and I are hanging out, and we decide to go down into the creepy basement in Erin's house. Jed wants me to check it out. We go down there and for a while we are just messing around down there, playing NES Mario Bros. After we shut that off, we are just sitting on the couches down there talking when we start getting very eerie vibes and we start looking around and glancing at each other, noticing that we all are feeling something. I am nervously talking to break the silence when Jed(Jeremiah's Nickname) tells me to be quiet. "Do you hear that?" he asks me. I hold still and listen. In the adjacent room I can hear the faint sound of breathing, as if someone is standing in there silently and just breathing. The hair stands up on the back of my neck, especially as I realize we have to enter that room to get out of the basement. I say "I'm going upstairs and bolt through that room like lightning and up the stairs as fast as I can. Jed is left in the dust by Erin and I. He starts yelling because we left him behind and he gets up the stairs as quick as he can(he was always slower than me in a foot race). It is probably around 11 pm and I decide I am going to leave and go home. I have had enough fun for tonight. I get into my 1984 volvo station wagon and start the engine. I turn up my aphex twin tape, and start heading home on country road 33. The whole way home I feel like someone is in my back-seat and I continually glance into my rearview mirror, and even turning my head to look into the back. I am not feeling too comfortable in my skin at this moment. I pull into my driveway, and jump out of my car. There seems to me a strange atmosphere in the air outside my house. It would be visually perfect if there were mist in the air, but it is a clear night. I definitely want to get inside the house as quick as I can though. I feel that I will feel safe in my room. I enter through the garage and decide I better walk upstairs to my Moms room and tell her I'm home. She always worries when I don't tell her I'm home. I walk upstairs and as I make a right turn in through her bed room doorway, my little brother Dylan, who is sleeping in a little bed next to my moms, sits up and stairs whimpering. I walk over to him and try to tell him, it's just me, and it's ok. He isn't looking at me but at a spot in the room in front of him about 5 feet away. He is putting his hands out in front of him and kind of crying and saying no, in a tone that suggest "stay away from me". I get very creeped out and start asking him what's there, and he doesn't even seem to notice I'm here now, he is terrified of whatever it is that he sees. My mom wakes up and tries to comfort him. I tell her I just got home and he started crying when I came into the room. She is still trying to comfort him when I leave the room very shook up and go downstairs to check my e-mail. I am trying not to think about things too much, but I am worried for my brother, and pretty freaked out. I decide I better go back upstairs once more before I head to bed(12:30 am). As I once again stand in the doorway to my Mom's room, my brother is laying down in his bed, and from my position I am behind him. He begins whimpering a little as I look into the room. I go back down stair immediately, getting worried that what ever is scaring him, might be following me around and I don't want to bring it back near him. I head down to my bedroom and go to sleep.

Lastly, for now, I would like to tell about my most shocking experience.
In my senior year of school I met a girl, we'll call her Jenny, for privacy reasons. I got to know her a little bit that year, but we didn't start hanging out, outside of school until that summer. I found out she was interested in the paranormal and we went to a couple cemeteries together, and had a great time talking but hadn't seen anything, or had any kind of experiences together. We kind of lost touch in the next year or so after that summer, as I was now out of high school, and she was now a Junior. The next summer after that, I ran into her again and we hit it off again. We remembered how much fun we used to have hanging out in art class and the cemetery trips had been fun. She asked me to come hang out with her and a few of her girlfriends one night in June of '03. I thought this sounded great, and when I got there, I was even more excited to see that I was going to be hanging out with three attractive girls, and they all seemed pretty cool. We were just sitting around for a while thinking of stuff to do, when "Jenny" suggested we go out to the cemetery in the wildlife refuge. I thought this would be fun to do again, even though we hadn't had too much luck in the past. We decided to bring a flashlight because this was the first time we were actually going there after dusk. We stopped at the local wal-mart, because we failed to find a flashlight at "Amy's" house, where we had met up. I said I would buy one. I got a red camping flashlight, and a pack of c-cell batteries. We loaded it with the batteries and headed out to the cemetery. We drove in through the very old gate(there are headstones with dates in the 1880's and 1890's-present). It is an unusual cemetery being that it is in a wildlife refuge and it is 10 miles from the nearest town, or house(except for a historic school house from the early 1900's that is now a small museum of sorts). We get out the car and are instantly hit by strong vibes. I can't tell right away if they are negative, or just cautioning. We start walking through the rows of grave stones and as we get about 30 feet from the car, the bulb in the flashlight burns out, or something goes wrong with it. I tap it on the palm of my other hand trying to get it to come back on. It no longer works. The girls are now grabbing onto my arms and huddling in close, very frightened. I tell them it's ok, and that it was a pretty cheap flashlight. They want to go back to the car, and we do. After sitting in there for a few minutes we start to feel as though there are presences all around us. We decide to all sit really quite for a few minutes and see if we see anything out there. We don't see anything, but even more surprising to me. We hear something. All of us at the same moment hear the sound of children laughing, in a playful way. This sound terribly cliche but it was nothing other than very eerie and strange. It sounded like they were inside the gates of the cemetery, yet we saw no-one, and on the way out we shined the headlights of my car around the place, finding nothing. We left shortly after the sound of the children, and were satisfied as well as a bit shaken. We stopped at the gas station 10 miles from the refuge, as I needed to fill my tank. It was now pretty late at night, and there was no one else getting gas at the station. I walked in by myself to pay for my gas, and as I did, the door bell automatically rang, alerting the clerk that I had just walked into the store. A few seconds later, after the door had already shut, and while I was about the turn left around the rack of candy, the door bell rang again, as if someone else had just walked in. I looked quickly to see if someone was going out, or in. No one but me and the clerk here. I could see the girls were waiting in the car. I got a feeling that someone was following me and wanted to leave immediately. I payed for my gas and drove back to "Amy's" house. We stayed up most of the night watching t.v. none of us were feeling tired.

Now the really crazy part:

A few weeks later, maybe a month, we decided to all get together again and go back out there to see what might happen this time.
We enter the cemetery and park in a clearing where no gravestone are(I hope there are no unmarked graves), we sit quietly for a long time, and I seem to be catching glimpses of shadows moving out of the corners of my eyes. I am feeling a little better vibes here tonight, and it seems we aren't totally welcome, but I don't do feel any fear yet. "Jenny" says, maybe we should all holds hands in a circle in the car. I reach around the headrest and take "Jenny's" hand, to her right in the back right side of the car is "Stacy" who takes Jenny's hand and reaches to the front for Amy's hand. I take Amy's hand and our circle is complete. We sit in silence holding hands for a while and I start to feel some kind of energy building between my hands and the girls. I don't know if they feel this, but I definitely feel something. At some point, Jenny starts talking slowly, and in a strange voice. I catch on that she is supposedly channeling someone. I kind of laugh to myself and wonder who she thinks she is fooling. The stuff she is saying sounds kind of cliche to me and I am very skeptical of this kind of thing. After two different voices and stories come through her, something now strikes a chord with "stacy" she is getting a really freaked out look on her face as Jenny's guest speaker seems to be addressing Stacy directly. She is now saying things to Stacy that seem to have personal significance, and meaning. Stacy seems on the verge of tears and has started looking out the right window and she isn't holding hands anymore. I am getting really crazy vibes now and this seems less cliche and more strange to me(Later Stacy tells me that she had a friend who committed suicide last year, and the voice coming through Jenny was talking like him, and saying things that she and him had mutual memories of). What happened next defies explanation for me, and has caused me to possibly believe in channeling, as well as the possibilities of telepathy, and the possible existence of non-physical entities. Things got quiet for a bit and then the silence was broke by a giggle. I had turned around by this point and was looking out the windshield contemplating this situation. At first the giggle didn't stir me, but caused me to think maybe Jenny had come out of it, or was just playing with us after all. I casually turned around to see that she was sitting with her legs bent at the knee, heels resting on the edge of the back seat, and one hand near her mouth, smiling. This looked really creepy and she began giggling again as I looked at her. Her eyes didn't feel or look normal to me. She really seemed like a different person. She then reached out and tried to touch my long and curly hair(as many girls tend to do), I pulled back, although I wouldn't normally pull back from Jenny's touch. I felt this was not Jenny reaching for me. She was smiling at me in such a strange way. She then began to speak, directly to me, while looking me in the eyes.
she said, "I like your new puppy". This stopped my heart dead in my chest. I hadn't told Jenny that we had just gotten a new puppy last month. I really wasn't excited about it because I was still grieving over the death of my dog Lucy, as well as our next dog, Chelsea. The new puppy was of little concern to me, but apparently someone in my house was excited about a puppy. The little girl(Jenny) continued to speak, "sometimes when it barks at night, it's because of me". I wasn't sure how to take this statement, and I was feeling more uncomfortable by the minute. I turned around finally, needing to try to analyze this and trying to figure out if this is real or not. Although I knew I couldn't know the answer to this, my mind was racing for an explanation. After a while I turned back around to see that Jenny was silently writing something on the fogged up window next to her. I look over to the window as she was finishing one word "KATE". This was the last straw for me. I nearly started crying at this point as things came full circle for me. I instantly remembered that the presence in my house had felt as though it were a young girl, and was hit with the memory of perceiving the letter "K" when asking the open ended question of what her name was, while home alone. I realized that the sound of the letter K is very close in itself to the name Kate, I was just not hearing the hard t sound. The other girls were very freaked out this whole time but didn't realize the significance of this part of the experience until I explained it to them separately, not around Jenny. I am positive that I had never told Jenny that I felt it was a young girl in my house, because I didn't truly believe it myself, it was just a hunch. I also know that I did not tell her I thought she had a name starting with K, because this was pretty much thrown out by me as rubbish, and a failed attempt at communication. Just recently I was talking to Jenny about this experience, and I for the first time told her how much of an impact it had on me. She was blown away, and didn't believe me, for she said that when we were in the car that night, she felt she went into a trance, and felt far away from her body, hearing voices speaking but not making out what was said. She told me that only a few other times had things like this happened and that she had never told anyone else, or talked about it because she had lost friends in the past from people thinking she was a liar. I am still very skeptical about this scenario, but it is fascinating none the less. She strikes me as a very sincere and honest person, and I don't think she could have fabricated the experience this a level this frightening and meaningful to me or Stacy. Make of it what you will. I have more experiences, but I am very tired, for it is now 6:00am here in California. Goodnight Paracast Forum. Sleep well, and pleasant dmothy