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Paranormal Maven
Concert tickets - done
Convention tickets - done
Hotel reservations - done
Here's the new trailer for KCON Los Angeles 2018, which I will be attending next weekend. Am I ready for all this? Hell no.
I always enjoy traveling to hear music. Meeting and talking about the shows with other fans at the hotel, at the venue, at breakfast the morning after, or wherever else you might go. Sounds like you'll have a really good time.

A couple weeks ago I made my annual trek to Red Rocks in Colorado to see a weekend of shows by the band String Cheese Incident. A great live band who tap into a wide range of styles in their music.

Here's a post-weekend recap trailer:

Here's a fan shot video that captures some of the feel of it. I really like the climax to the improvised jam they do in this song:


Paranormal Maven
Back from KCON 2018, what an experience! One day of it was all I could handle, but even with the long lines, sky-high concession stand prices and such, the concert itself was amazing. The artists performing at the Staples Center arena Saturday night were MOMOLAND, Mia, Ailee, Dynamic Duo and Crush, Davichi, Goldenchild, Twice, and Wanna One. Typically, whenever I attend KCON I try to study up on any artists I'm unfamiliar with beforehand, but in the case of Davichi I ran out of time to do that. So I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing set this duo performed at the concert. Here's the video.

Another notable performance; Twice's Jihyo, Momo, and Tzuyu did a special Beyonce cover.
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