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Most scariest place you've known.


Paranormal Novice
What is the most spookiest place you've known? I recently got to know of the ghosts of Beaufort, NC. The Ghosts & Legends of Beaufort, NC Anyone heard or been to this place? The place sure sounds spooky with all those pirate stories and grave yards associated with it. But then, do you feel it's all true? Probably it's the stories behind the incidents that makes it so scary.

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
There was a large abandoned mental institution here in Calgary that was known for a place to get spooked. Rumors of criminals, straight jackets, suicides, and lobotomies were spooky enough, but the old brick stark hospital-like institutional floor plan several stories high gave the place a sort of monolithic ominousness. Several of us went up there late one night ( allegedly to satisfy the curiosity of a couple of girls we had met at a party ). I know this sounds like a grade-B horror show already ... lol. Anyway, not much happened, but we did hear some footsteps that didn't seem to have a source. There was also a particularly spooky narrow dark staircase with a cold chill in it that led up into a darkened room of some kind, but none of us were brave enough to go up into.
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