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Morse Code on Mars — or Just Gibberish?


Paranormal Maven
Quite a few E's and T's in that and long dashes sometimes informally used as zero.

Oh, E's and T's... definitely a message there aimed at English speakers!

Sorry, but the rest isn't even close to looking like Morse code - which is never written as dots and dashes anyway.


quelling chaos since 2352BC
Sorry guys, it's my backup strategy. One local, one remote, and one really remote.

I'll turn it off.


Skilled Investigator

Drunk ET?
(How does this relate to Area 51 ? And the Assault the Unclean People Plan to Make on the Church There, cough, military base) (more correct context)


(During the Reign of King, Nebuchadnezzar, all the people that stood against the Prophet Daniel on Holy Ground were Killed)

MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN - Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

Jesus was called "Melchisedek" and the Victor against Satan (high priest)
(god performed the work of euthanasia for "dead flesh" in the old testament principally)
Jesus was called "Rabbi meaning Lamb Slain" (or Sacrifice for Conviction of "Dead Flesh")
(god does not principally perform the work of euthanasia for "dead flesh" in the new testament)

(Mankind was not the benefactor of the "Rainbow" for Dead Flesh, God never performed that work of "dead flesh", however God allowed his Angels to do it, at least in the past) (the dispute is about holy ground, a reminder god uses for the rebuke of "dead flesh") (that is to say Jesus was not called the "emmanuel" that is only the name of an angel)

"The Emmanuel Angel, also called "Roswell" (not "Rabbi") is another name for "Joseph the Blessings" is a controversy that has not been acknowledged!

The Prophecy about jerusalem and the golden gates on the east, and the lord returning and then there is Area 51, and to the east also there is "Joshua Trees" .................. this is not about the military base or any allegations, this is about weather or not God responds to "dead flesh" on holy ground ................ (we'll have to see what becomes necessary, its much easier to use false imprisonment or false capital punishment for pleasure (against me only and principally) to answer god, but that is not what you decided to do in pleasure).

(The Ensign of Nations according to the Prophet Isaiah ......................... Moses does not have a legal reason to invalid this statement with god, and humanity can then spend its days in suffering by its own hands .................. that is in the extreme, but leading up to his great power and authority afforded by god, satan will strive to create its own slaughter of the people, but we'll have to see what becomes necessary)
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Michael Allen

Paranormal Adept
Morse code with respect to what orientation on a 2D surface? The surface of a (now ancient) compact disc will resemble "morse code" and yet not translate to anything meaningful in "morse code."