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More Conspiracy Theories

Strategic Deception

Paranormal Novice
And clearly you and Short, when given the chance, can't list them. It's hard to take y'all seriously.

What, Sri Lankans *didn't* storm the presidential palace? Their president *didnt* try to flee? New Scientist *didnt* try to blame heart-related deaths on solar flares? Etc. You may not like his satirical tone or the conclusions he's implying, but the majority of that video was just mainstream news headlines.

Earlier you mentioned only mistrusting Fox News but not seeing much wrong with the rest of the corporate media, and that cuts to the heart of why it feels pointless to talk to you.

I can't imagine living to be your age and still being so naive about the role of the corporate media---especially given the fact that your interest in UFOs should have demonstrated for you time and again how these news networks serve as puppets & parrots of a mendacious, corrupt government. They repeatedly resort to accusations of "tin-foil hat conspiracy nut-case kookery" any time uncomfortable facts risk reaching public awareness, whether it's regarding UFOs, scandals, corruption, wars, etc.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I do not know whether the media deliberately engaged in a plot to cover up UFOs, or just went with the flow. Their goal is ratings and advertising revenue, and most stories are covered decently. But the corporate issues do get in the way of asking guests probing questions and follow-ups. That applies to guests from both parties.

But most reporters are dedicated, hard-working people. I worked as a broadcast reporter years ago and knew some of them.

Fox News is not news. It is there to scare the hell out of people and get votes for right-wing politicians. I listened to one of their top-rated shows the other day, and the resemblance to actual news was, at best passing. They create false or exaggerated memes and repeat them ad infinitum.

The personalities are hucksters. The other day, I saw former Republican Governor Michael Huckabee, a 2016 candidate for President (a regular at Fox), hawking sleeping pills. He is a good salesperson, but he was wearing an ill-fitting, drooping suit in one spot, and an ill-fitting shirt in another. If I went out like that, my wife would freak. And don't get me started about "Mike Pillow."

Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Maven
We are on different planets I fear. I’ve ripped your crazy theories to shreds.

Since I’m recovering from surgery at the hospital I’ll keep it short.
I hope you recover soon Gene.
I do wish it had of been the Washington post who revealed the UAP story first because I remember when they revealed the corruption of right wing politicians in the 70s.
Some things never change.