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Mikes Flaming

William Strathmann

Paranormal Adept
Have you ever had a hazard reduction burn turn into a hazard amplification burn by a change of wind? :eek:

I'll sure give volunteers credit for helping in dangerous conditions. :)
(In a previous century I was employed as a firefighter.)

Stay safe my friend.


Paranormal Adept
Yes, as i'm sure you know fire can create its own weather including wind especially on a slope like we were yesterday.
It did just that at one stage yesterday.
And despite doing our best not to let it crown (get up into the tops of the trees) We had 3 large branch falls, real widow makers in size.
We also have the added joy of freaked out snakes trying to get clear of a burn.
We have Death adders, Tiger snakes, Brown and Black ones all highly venomous in this area.
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