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Meatloaf on Ghost Hunters


Watcher of the Skies
Anyone catch this episode last night? Seemed like a standard issue except with Meat in tow. He had quite a session with a K2 meter. I still don't buy the credibility of that device.

Here is a clip of them from You Tube.



Paranormal Adept
I saw it when it originally aired, or the first one with Meatloaf.

I don't know what to think about the K2 device. The problem, in my eyes, is that there is electro-magnetism everywhere-and these guys seem to ask only "yes" questions. They don't mix it up, it seems they find the right rhythm for the K2 (and whatever EM Field is present) and ask questions to time when they get the "answers."

Not saying I think everything is faked on that show, but it is clearly earmarked as entertainment.

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
The K2 is open to manipulation from external sources like the majority of gadgets used by ghost hunters. I triggered one remotely with an iPhone and had a group of people thinking they were communicating with spirits.


Paranormal Maven
Let us put aside the K2 "magic" meter just now. I'd like to ask the question! Can you really take serious anything some one tells you who's first name is "MEAT?"