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May 6, 2018 — MJ Banias with Michael Allen

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
MJ Banias joins us for a fascinating journey through UFOs and the world of paranormal.

He talks about MUFON, and how it lost its latest chief investigator, the Flatwoods Monster, MJ's accidental exposure to the Billy Meier debate and much more.

Guest go-host Michael Allen mentions his strange and frightening dreams briefly, then spends over half an hour talking about them in detail on this weekend's episode of After The Paracast, an exclusive feature of The Paracast+. For more details about our premium subscription service, please check:

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Paranormal Adept
It's a shame that MUFON has so few members compared to the followers of crackpots. In the light of this, they can't be blamed for seeking more entertainment value. But despite this, they are the only major ufological institution around, so their survival is desirable.
I think I have had just about enough now of the thought police on this show.

"We believe in free speech, but....." No buts. You either believe in it wholesale or you don't. Saying you believe in free speech but only if its the speech you want to hear is not free speech, it's controlled speech. "Hate speech" is subjective, what you find hateful I may not. And what if I find something hateful that you deem perfectly reasonable, can I silence you? Bigot!

I tune in (or used to) because I'm interested in a critical discussion about what the truth maybe behind the UFO or other paranormal, I don't need a lesson in morals or to hear how virtuous you all are and it's dull as dishwater.

This is what nobody on the left seems to understand. People are sick of being told what they can and can't think or say and what is heresy and what isnt by the modern day church of political correctness.

This is why trump won, this is why people like Jordan Peterson are rising in popularity. Not because they are racist, they are not - they are just strong enough to say "No", "You don't get to slap restrictions on my thoughts and speech". You are not bestowed with the ultimate authority on what is right and wrong just because you think so.

The best bleach is sunlight. Give Jon Ventre a platform, let him speak to the masses, let as many people as possible see what an idiot he is. Bring the debate out into the public, lets beat his arguments with logical ones. This constant effort to silence and surpess different points of view is so counter productive and authoritarian.

And then the punishments, you want this guy to lose his membership and be ostracized from the whole community FOREVER. Come on, what is this? The inquisition? Do the opposite, bring him in closer, educate him if you feel he is wrong, debate him.

It's not working guys, not for me at least

Mr. Fibuli

Paranormal Adept
I was a bit unsure of Michael Allen’s guest hosting, while I find him entertaining.
This last episode was much better..less talking over the other people.

Greer’s Meeting Planner. So. Crusty.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Michael is getting there. :)

He has great potential.

Ventre: There are enough platforms for hate speech. The problem is his connection with MUFON and the image that creates. It's hard enough for people to take UFOs seriously without the excess baggage.