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Manipulating Gravity


FeralNormal master
In other words, militarily speaking, we are there already.
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Paranormal Maven
The key point here is "...but one researcher is now looking to turn the concept into a reality..." Meaning it's just one scientist and all he has to offer is a mathematical proposal - that's it. I mean I would love scientists to pick it up and move forward to ultimately produce a fear that would allow us to master gravity but...as of today it's miles away from reality.

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Paranormal Adept
Very interesting but paint me 'skeptical'. If the underlying principle is sound, experiments on a small scale measuring slight changes in gravitational attraction on very small masses should be doable. Positive results would either generate a small media frenzy. Or a clampdown of unprecedented magnitude by the powers that be. Unless the technology involved were incredibly exotic and expensive, gravity manipulation would be a very difficult breakthrough to keep under wraps.

Scientists advance their careers by sharing what they know. Engineers generally advance by keeping secret what they know. This kind of breakthrough would have physicists buzzing like manic bees.