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Mandy the Haunted Doll

A. Warren Johnson

All the world is a stage
About 3 years ago I had heard about a doll in the Quesnel Museum. Now this wasn't an ordinary doll, however, this doll was special! This doll was haunted! I heard first of the doll named Mandy from a friend, she had grown up in Quesnel, and she knew some of the history about the doll. What she had told me was this: "Her eyes follow you as you walk past! And she gives you a feeling of fear that I can't even describe!", How could I not want to see this doll? I incidently bought a book of ghost stories around BC, how curious that I would find a write up of that very same doll in that book! Exactly one week after buying that book I was on my way to Quesnel, (Approx. 1 hour from Prince George), to see this cursed doll. With me I had 3 friends, Derek, Jamie, and Ken. When we arrived at the Museum, Derek and Jamie waited in the lobby, while Ken and I went into the doll's exibit. I had a camcorder with me, so that I could film it, just in case I caught something that would be extraordianry. After a lengthly conversation with the assistant curator, I was allowed to film the doll. Now Ken and I went to the doll's case and I was already filmming it. While I was filmming the doll I never experienced any feelings of discomfort or fear. Ken on the other hand left almost immediatly after entering the exibit with me. He told me later that he was to scared to be around the doll. While I was left alone in the exibit I glanced up from the camrea to see this doll with my own eyes, and not through the camrea's lens. When I did this, the strong feeling of unease hit me, and I quickly went back to filmming. The last shot of the doll is the most interesting part of this endeavor. there is a window behind the exibit that you can see the doll, in it's case, through. When I zoomed in on it, she smiled. Now I didn't notice this at the time I was filmming, but when I was watching the video on the way back home I saw it. I watched it a few times before I told the other 3 what I saw. I past the camrea around for them to see, and all of them agree that it was indeed strange. Now I'm not saying that the doll did in fact smile, because it could have been anything from a film glitch to a bend in the glass, but the event as a whole was very weird.