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Loud banging noise at night


Paranormal Novice
At 3:20 A.M. on Christmas Eve morning, 2004, I was awakened by a sustained, very loud banging sound. The ruckus seemed to come from outside. It was as though the Jolly Green Giant was kicking the side of my house!

The bursts seemed to be evenly spaced at about 3/4-second intervals. I felt my bedroom vibrate with each blow. The noise was so tremendous that I imagined people all over town were hearing the same thing.

I thought, "I have to get up to investigate this." Just as I was about to get out of bed, I heard the approaching roar of a fast-moving jet. The roar quickly became a piercing thunder as the aircraft seemed to fly directly overhead at a low altitude. As soon as the jet passed, the banging noise ceased.

As I got out of bed, I glanced at the digital clock on my desk. I was surprised to see it display 3:29 -- nine minutes after I was awakened by the noise. It felt like I'd been awake for only a minute, not nine minutes. (I cannot say with certainty that this was a "missing time" occurrence. It is possible that when I awoke, I misread the 9 as a 0 on the digital display.)

This event was so remarkable that soon after I got up and turned on the lights, I sent an e-mail to two friends to document what had transpired.

Later in the morning, I e-mailed a public relations person at a nearby airport that is used jointly for civilian and military purposes. The field is normally shut down during the overnight. I inquired whether the aircraft that departed at 3:29 A.M. was civilian or military. The airport representative answered that it was a civilian flight. Perhaps ... but over the years, I've observed and heard many corporate and military jets in the skies. The aircraft I heard moved much too fast to be civilian, in my opinion.

I expected that there would be some mention of the banging noise from my neighbors. "How could anyone sleep though it?" I wondered. But for whatever reason, in the days afterward, no one mentioned anything about it to me nor did I make inquiries with the neighbors.


Skilled Investigator
I assume you wre living alone at this time. Were there any animals around? Do you have any pets? I assume a dog or cat would freak out or bark during such an event.


First Minister of Uncommon Sense
Two years ago, my father had a new roof put on his house in the summer. The January following during an extreme cold snap (minus 30-35 C), I was upstairs using a computer when I heard what sounded like a giant fist punching the wall just below the eaves. The sound continued "punching" along the wall beside me about 4 or 5 times. I honestly thought the wall was going to break. Later, I heard the same noise downstairs in the kitchen (the kitchen is only one story, unlike the back of the house). My Father assumed that it was the moisture in the wood in the new roof freezing, and that was causing the noise. While I see where he was getting at, I have to say it sounded like someone punching the wall from the outside (a place impossible for a person to reach without a 2-story ladder). After that winter, I never heard the noise again.

I am not sure if something like that could explain the noises you heard, but I thought I'd pass it along.