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Larry King and UFOs again

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Paranormal Adept
On LKL web site it seems the UFO show will be broadcasted again at December 31st. This is the promotional text:

Source: http://edition.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/

>Did UFOs disabled U.S. defense systems? Wait until you hear what >three former Air Force officers have to say. You won't believe the >answer! The testimonies that could turn you into a believer.
---end of quote---

As I can remember it is the same promo for the show that was broadcasted at July 18th (the one with Hastings, Salas and Jacobs)...

Just for every case I have checked and that one it is:

So this is probably a re-run...no need for recording :)
Larry King talking about UFO's is fine and I'm glad at least one of the Cable Networks does talk about the subject and give it time.
I wish Larry were younger because when I watch, its frustrating to hear him speak and spout things out. He doesnt make sense sometimes.

I like to listen to all viewpoints but i know when someone is pulling my leg too.

Oh well its not a perfect world. But at least He talks about the subject.

Just my two cents
I've but only a day to make friends now with an enemy! My thought is to befriend someone I can't truly stand, go to there house and watch the rerun of Larry King, and every time I see that fuk'n Bill Nye I'm going to throw shit at the Television,,, in shit I mean real shit! I felt so sorry for Stan this last go around,,, he kept on holding up that fuk'n book of his and mumbling shit.... I laughed,, but felt bad for doing it. The real investigators where very frustrated with this 3 ring circus. I like the fact that the subject is getting attention, but come on god dammit! let's approach it with some damn direction.

EnD RaNt.....