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July 1882 Black Triangle Sighting


Paranormal Adept
Has anyone heard of a July 1882 Black Triangle Sighting? If so, could you supply a link to it's description?

Many thanks.


Paranormal Adept
Ha! I just answered my own question: I did a google and came up with this -

Black Triangles
LINK: Black Triangles

TEXT: "It is often said that Black Triangle (BT) sightings began in the 1940s and peaked in the late 1980s and 1990s, but they have been reported throughout history. Cave paintings, frescoes and woodcuts have all depicted triangular objects, as well as the more common discs, cigars and circles/spheres. Two triangles were observed manoeuvring close to the Moon in July, 1882."


Paranormal Adept
From this link I got this run-down and description - with no citings so have no idea (at this point) where these stories can be found in original form.

Lunar Mysteries
LINK: Lunar Mysteries

TEXT: "Strange Lunar Shadows By JJ
"The first of the two mysterious incidents I’ve chosen happened on the night of 3 July 1882. For 45 minutes the residents of Lebanon, Connecticut, were treated to a bizarre lunar display: “Two pyramidal luminous protuberances appeared on the moon’s upper limb. They were not large, but gave the moon a look strikingly like that of a horned owl... . These points were a little darker than the rest of the moon’s face. They slowly faded away a few moments after their appearance, the one on the right...disappearing first. About three minutes after their disappearance two black triangular notches were seen on the...lower half of the moon. These points gradually moved toward each other along the moon’s edge, and seemed to be...obliterating nearly a quarter of its surface, until they finally met, when the moon’s face assumed its normal appearance.”

"The “pyramidal luminous protuberances” bring to mind the “strange pyramid of light” seen in 1519. I also noted similarities in the Sunday Telegraph’s report [30 July 2000] that, on 18 June, “two large triangular objects were seen flying over Charlesville-Mézières and Villers-Semeuse in eastern France. They made a loud, strange engine noise and swooped down to roof height. They had metallic bars beneath the engines, with lights at either end. Half an hour earlier and about 200 miles...south-west, Thierry Garnier was... on the outskirts of Gasny when he saw a strong white luminous flash approaching from the east.”

"Were these two events connected? Were they the triangular UFOs I wrote about in Into the Triangle and Beyond...? I can’t believe, though, that the military would’ve risked flying aircraft so low over urban areas. But would aliens have had such a fit of bravado either? Do the three incidents from different centuries [especially the flashes and fading - think of the Back To The Future films] suggest time travel or a ‘time warp’? It’s been said that, what passes for years or even centuries in Earth time, in alien terms may only be a matter of days, weeks or months. This would explain sightings of certain UFO types, such as these triangles, the Flying Wheels, ‘cigars’, etc, from ancient times onwards. Maybe they’re even the same craft and navigators!

"The second occurrence took place on 27 January 1912, and was witnessed by Dr. F.B. Harris: “At 10:30 Eastern time I was surprised to see the left cusp showing the presence of an intensely black body about 250 miles long and 50 wide, allowing 2000 miles from cusp to cusp,...in shape like a crow poised. Of course dark places are here and there on the lunar surface, but not like this... . I will say every effort was made to eliminate any error of vision or other mistake... The moon is very tricky... I cannot but think that a very interesting and curious phenomenon has happened.”

"But what was it? Well... apparently there exists a high quality photo [1950s or 1960s, I think] of a vast starship flying over the Moon, snapped by an astronomer. It is said to be an intergalactic craft, several miles long, and capable of carrying thousands at a time! If anyone has any further info, please let me know. An image would be great!!"
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Paranormal Adept
The above writer references a ' "strange pyramid of light” seen in 1519' - anyone know what the writer is referencing, as a google search doesn't elicit much regarding this, except some references to Leonardo da Vinci.