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JRR Tolkien

Tobias Kundera

Paranormal Novice
I am reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Story of Kullervo. Published by Mariener Books, 2010/2015 it's haunting, beautiful, and written in a very archaic style. It is influenced by the Finnish epic Kalevala and is an early attempt of his to write a heroic epic.

Speaking of Tolkien; wow. It's synchronicity man. Because I just stumbled on a mind-blowing twitter account about Tolkien. Amina Hesperia (@Amina_Hesperia) | Twitter - she has a theory that Tolkien borrowed from some Islamic sources and prophecies in Lord of the Rings, and also suggests that he somehow encoded the date for an E.L.E./extinction level event, spoken of in moslem prophecies.

I have never heard anything like this in my life, though I did once suspect that Tolkien was influenced by Rene Guenon, who eventually became a Moslem.


Welcome to the forum and there is a great bunch of members here with a rich knowledge of the crazy subject of paranormal history.
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