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John Keel's thoughts on the subject...

Master Of Diagrams

Paranormal Novice
Towards the very end of Keel's "Operation Trojan Horse" book, he wrote a bit of a rant warning parents NOT to allow their children to become involved with/interested in UFOs.

I thumbed back through the last few chapters several times looking for the exact quote as I thought it would make an interesting post on this board but I just wasn't able to find it. I have since given my copy of the book away, but the thought of it still lingers on?

Does anyone else here know passage that I am speaking of? Could you post the quote? I would really like to hear some reactions to it?

Live at the Witch Trials

Skilled Investigator
I thought John Keel was the Villain with the metal teeth in the James Bond films ?

Well what do you know he's written a Book on UFO'S I'm genuinely Astonished.