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Is this a flying saucer? Video sparks UFO debate



I don't know if it is a flying saucer but I do know for a fact that it is a ufo.

Michael Allen

Paranormal Adept
Without additional witnesses and trace evidence (EM, Gravitic, Audio, etc) I am afraid there is not much more you can say about this video. It is interesting nevertheless.

Michael Allen

Paranormal Adept
Are you sure you aren't just defaulting to "bug" because it sounds reasonable? Perhaps it is a bug--who knows? There's simply not enough information given in the frames to suggest a positive identification. There might be a bug in your logic :)

All I can id from the image is a bunch of dark amorphous pixels--that's about it. And if people in this forum want to call that an unidentified flying object then I suppose (technically) they are correct.

Its like the beep of a metal detector at an airport--it might be a gun, knife or bomb...or it might just be a watch, ring, alien metal implant or paper clip. The object remains unidentified until some prick decides to pat you down.


Skilled Investigator
Well, its pretty much clearly a bug. But the story is the fact that its being covered at all on the MSM. I wouldnt even get near the dreaded "D" word, but there really does seem to be a new media interest in all things "ufo". An actual serious interest instead of the joke of the day slot....


Paranormally Disenchanted
It looks strange but there isn't enough information in the video to determine much of anything. The general feeling I get is bug. It behaves like a bug would. I can readily see why a bug might be zipping back and forth in front of the guy in a field whereas I can't come up with a good reason for a vehicle of some sort to be doing that.