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Introducing OnSteller! Cryptocurrency gets 'social!'

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Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Heads up everyone - for most of the last two years, Steve Murillo of UPARS LA and a group of partners have been hard at work developing the world’s first subject-related, professional and commercial platform: ONStellar. Because it is free of charge to join, I've elected to post this here for Paracast Forum members to check out.

This exciting, groundbreaking project combines social media and blockchain technologies, to change the ways we advance the knowledge, research and education within our subject-related fields. I’ve been invited to take an active role within ONStellar as an Advisory Board Member, and subject platform leader and my task is to support development with the subject-related research and media sharing and manage several educational subject platforms. While social media has been around for years, the blockchain and cryptocurrency component promises to make a global economy out of our favorite fascinations!
How cool is that?!

Features include:

Free membership for all users
● Verified profiles for professional individuals or organizations
● Safe environment to express subject-related views and ideas
● Engage followers with the latest projects and research
● Curate content, such as articles, news, images, and externally-embedded URLs
● Earn financial rewards for content contributions via ONStellar’s cryptocurrency
● Be in control of your content, no exclusivity, no contracts
● Advertise, promote and sell products, services and events from within the platform

Subjects that I plan to be curating (?) will include:
  • The Mysterious San Luis Valley
  • The Unexplained Animal Death Phenomenon
  • Location Specific Hot Spot/Window Areas
  • Southwestern USA Paranormal
I am now an active participant with this project, and I invite you to get involved. Register your user name and profile, by visiting www.onstellar.com and please put slvguyin the referrer box.

Here is an excerpt from their "White Paper:'
OnSteller is the next critical step in combining social media with crypto- currency. Designed for a growing enlightened global community and focused exclusively on the extraordinary, profound and metaphysical,
OnStellar will be the first platform of its kind to focus on connecting like-minded individuals with a revolutionary and unique experience. By offering a transparent, open marketplace for its members, OnStellar promises to be the heartbeat and nexus for expanding knowledge in our wondrous world. The OnStellar ecosystem is tailored to engage members in the exciting world of cryptocurrency, while at the same time providing opportunities to earn income, meet new people, engage with industry professionals and gain access to singular products, services and events...

For more info and a look at the complete white paper contact me at: [email protected]
Heads up everyone - for most of the last two years, Steve Murillo of UPARS LA and a group of partners have been hard at work developing the world’s first subject-related, professional and commercial platform: ONStellar ...

I signed up. Also got a referral code: Ufology

I like the idea in principle, but also have a couple of concerns. A "wisdom of the crowd" approach isn't the best way to determine the accuracy of intellectual content, especially where there is a lot of faith based belief going on. Because of that, and that rewards will be dished out based on votes from the community, the incentive will therefore be to "please the crowd" rather than provide content that may be more accurate but less popular. It will also be prone to clique and group politics e.g. I see MUFON participating as part of the press and partners. So any article that says anything MUFON doesn't like will either get no vote or a down vote ( depending on how it works ).

How it works is also unclear. It says there's a ufologist named Steve Mera who is given a higher ranking profile. But where is that profile? I couldn't find any place where a profile or articles can be created or read. Here's a video of an interview with him.