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Intelligence insulted...again!!


Paranormal Maven
This all I ever see on "yahoo news" etc

No wonder the general public shuns such ideas as ghosts etc

Man snaps a shot of a ghost running on a busy road the headline sates

It's a smear on his windscreen - end of :(



Paranormal Adept
Maybe, but maybe not. Did the driver say that he saw the figure moving ("running")? Can you post a link to the photo and witness description? Thanks Spectre.


Paranormal Adept
Thanks for the link. I think the fact that this phenomenon was seen by a long-time lorry driver -- and so far as we know also seen by his partner with the camera -- strongly suggests that this was not a simultaneously experienced hallucination.

Is there anywhere {perhaps in an Irish newspaper or website} where the man with the camera comments on what he saw before he snapped the photo? Did he snap the photo because he saw the figure moving across the lorry's path?

Also, this man with the camera would, I think, have immediately recognized it if the image were merely some junk on the windshield. Indeed, I think he would already have been aware of that since he was photographing the inside of the tunnel as they drove through it.


Paranormal Adept
Ghost images (images of persons known in life and some not previously known) are generally described as being partial images [not solid in appearance and not fully 'there' in what is seen]. This is the case throughout the SPR's 130-year research archives and its several lengthy publications around the turn of the 19th-20th century concerning this type of paranormal visual experience.

Similar 'there/not there' aspects of 'ufos' seen by witnesses suggest that something similar is involved in both situations, supporting the 'interdimensional' theory of both kinds of experience.