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In came out of a cloud and looked like a Hammond and a Leslie!


Paranormal Novice
That title was just an attention grabber...

Hello and congratulations to the Paracast and Gene and David on the first anniversary of what promises to be brightest new light, in field of UFOs and Paranormal research. This is my first post ever on a website, simply feeling compelled to do so after another marvelous program this evening. Noting that over half the show was carried by just the two hosts. The wrap-up was powerful, precise and optimistic I thought. David, your manner of expression is so refreshing. When you mentioned the B3, I was so shocked. That is my instrument also. I MOVED all 425 lbs of it on the road for 20 years playing various Jazz and Blues clubs here in Southern Ontario, Canada. I have both a B3 and a C3. Your friend Bill will tell you the difference.

Like ,,,,,,, I have been a regular listener for most of the year and during that time my own studies in these topics has evolved. In fact I have filled both my 80g and 250g hard drives with every kind of media available. Like everyone else I guess, searching for that one piece of "unearthly" evidence that will prove for once and for all, beyond any doubt, to even the most skeptical of skeptics, that mankind is NOT the most advanced species of living creatures. And I mean that in every sense, including the spiritual.
My own speculation indeed crosses into considered possibilities that include for example, John Lear's belief that "Souls are raised here on Earth". Christian puns aside, perhaps that is true. Our souls mature here in this mortal state in order to serve again ourselves or others in the future. For purposes beyond our current knowledge. But..... not necessarily beyond our comprehension.-

Anyway, as I have listened to the various interviews of the guests and the reviews that followed, I anticipated the problems that you fellows detailed in the second half of tonight's program. I think that the reason that other shows seem stale and uninteresting is because the hosts are aware that survival depends on a constant flow of guests, And good guests. Popular and successful ones.
So the presenters go with the flow and are likely not to debate with a guest to much for fear of chasing them away. Especially the more popular dynamic ones. I recall the last time you spoke to Steven Greer and he seemed to become increasingly annoyed with the interview. That may have been just my impression, but I don't think so. Then the following week I believe mention was made of his code of secrecy regarding activities away from the Disclosure Project. You were right in principal of course, as usual. But I have a bet on with an "Angel", that he won't come on again.
And that's about where this noble endeavor takes us all. In our hearts we are striving to fix ourselves, the world, and everyone in it. Knowing that we can't seem to do it given our current state of development. Nor throughout known history. So it is our dream that Alien technology or the Alien guidance, or some X dimensional force or race will come to our rescue. I suppose that is possible. But because our mortality is always dragging us down, (food, energy, money, desire) realistically that time will only arrive when we all have everything.....and/or become Angels.
Although, there were clear indications tonight on the Paracast that even Angels have problems!

Once again Gentlemen I congratulate you and your producers on the finest media presentation found anywhere on these topics.

I want to add one more bit of text. The contents of an email sent to and posted at UFO Casebook.com today.
It has absolutely nothing to substantiate it and it was anonymous but nevertheless I thought it to be quite intriguing.

thanks, Randy


Here it is:

Letters to the Editor... Area 51
Your site is very interesting. I just wanted to comment on the so called area 51. I have been in the Air Force for quite a few years, and can tell you that all T1 projects have been moved from the area to a much more secure area in Nevada.
Area 51 will soon be unlisted as a top-secret test site, as most highly sensitive work has moved to another site. A lot of the photos are military aircraft and not UFOs.

The new area is located in North Dakota. Area 51 is still very much alive, but mostly for avionics and guidance systems, most of the advanced air frames are tested elsewhere. There has been too much attention to Area 51, this was the reason for moving some of the tests to other locations. I know the name given was simply T1. The technology at both sites is nothing more than beyond belief.

Best Regards...

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Anon Reader