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I discovered The UFO Technology & Revealing Its Secret

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Want to inform that I discovered the UFO, flying saucer, or anti-gravity technology & ready to reveal it to the world. I understand that this might be hard to believe but I assure you that my evidence is based on physical, & scientific evidence. I have been working on this science for over ten years and I am now ready to go public with it. I managed to make this amazing discovery because I research gravity. Understanding the energy of gravity is important towards its discovery because the spaceship also needs it (simulated gravity) in order to resist planetary gravity. It turns out that gravity could only repel against another gravity. This would be similar to when two positive magnets are placed face to face, the same repelling would be similar to how both (spaceship & planetary) gravity energies react with each other. In fact, this important gravity information is the main reason of why this technology has been so difficult to uncover because the secret to the anti-gravity technology is not in aviation, but in the science of complicated gravity. The truth is finally here. For those that need more information; google Professor Gravity ™, Gravitiology ™, or click here.

Dr. Gravy™. Gravy here, Gravy there, Gravy everywhere. My reality would not exist without Gravy.


Mmmmmmmmmm., Gravy.


Paranormal Maven


Skilled Investigator
Here's how you build a flying saucer. For $14.95 I'll send you a whole pile of plagiarized stuff that can help you build your own. I live in my mom's basement in Kzhrzhikistan. International Law cannot touch me.

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very cool... but does it come with a shitter??


Illegitimate Clone
This is about as much fun as tripping the mentally retarded kid in school. At first it's funny then when you have time to reflect you realize it was a pretty messed up thing to do.

I have a suspicion that this is not far from the truth in this case. Very Sad.


Japans Underground Robot Army
Please!!! don't post this again. Wait until I update my website and when done, if you still feel that way, then I would leave...no questions asked.

or we could close this thread, and when you have actual proof that isn't made out of foil and cardboard, we can try this thing all over again.

Can we close it now? I think this place needs a hall of fame for threads just like this.
Hey oldies! Get with the times!!

Ok., here's the updated version.


I Discovered The UFO Technology
Now That The Cat Is Out Of The Bag....I's Having Some Explaining To Do.

Trust the worlds placed forth....
and read how they are guiding trait to the truth.

The ""BELL" " Rings"" and is seeking all those that are ready for a taste of reality. Please!!! gather around and let us all enjoy the fruits that have befallen from the tree of truth. Come all !! even none believers are not only welcome, but encourage to bring someone along, there is no judgement here. It will be a good event to be missed.

The little posting will be born upon an early sun rise within a few days on the bed of this thread. For those that might get anxious, don not lose sleep ... good mental strength is needed when reading it to the end. Warning !!!! some information could change your way of thinking of which you might not ever go back to. If you continue to read this thread to only find out that the information turned out to be waaaay too much for you to take..... the reply would be that you were warn.

.... recovering (Harper Tunnel Syndrome). It sucks!!!!....unable to reply !! But keep posting because so long as it permits... they will be replied upon.

Thanks for participating towards the creation of the beginning of this history,

Professor Gravity ™


Paranormal Maven
It will be a good event to be missed.
Thanks for the hot tip.
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David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Gravity Shmuck™,

We're done. This thread is now locked. If you try to start another, you WILL be banned. When your bullshit tech is "done", feel free to send me a private message, otherwise, go find somewhere else to practice your pretentious drivel, total lack of communications abilities and utter destruction of the English language. Your novelty has worn off.

Not open for further replies.