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I beat Them!



First post!

I just started reading The Communion Letters. All of you, I am sure, are familiar with Communion by Whitley Strieber and its sequels. Strieber is an experiencer of the Visitor phenomenon. Or as some would put it, he is an abductee. Some researchers such as Hopkins and Jacobs would try to convince one that there is a set pattern to the abduction phenomenon, one which fits in with their extraterrestial hypothesis and theories about genetic manipulation. Strieber's expereriences, while fitting the pattern some ways, contradicts Hopkins' conclusions in other ways and lends itself more towards a mystical type experience than nuts-and-bolt aliens.

In Communion Letters, Strieber underscores this view by presenting letters he received from readers of Communion detailing their own experiences. While it may be possible to identify some common themes, the letters are so varied, not only differing from the ETH of Hopkins, et al but also Strieber's own interpretations that they only leave the reader scratching his head.

Myself, I don't know what they are. And neither does anyone else. From fairies and lephrecahns to Shaver's Deros to Zeta Reticulan Greys, I don't think any of these interpretations are closer than any others. One thing is for certain. We can't trust them to give us any direct clue. We can't trust any of the explicit answers They give.

Now I have read a lot about this phenomenon. And while most claims about patterns break down on admitting further data, there is one element that is truly universal, at least in the post-Shaver UFO era. And that is: the powerlessness of the experiencer or abductee. Even those who have escaped being actually abducted give one the impression that escape was just luck or due to a lack of perseverance on the aliens' part. No one who has ever raised a fist or gun to the aliens has ever been successful in resisting them.

Except me.

I believe that until around 1993 or '94 I was ... well, I don't like to say "abductee", that is too Hopkinsian. I was "visited." And tormented. I don't have any reason to think They are benevolent, I can tell you, and I suspect that those who do think so are deceived. But sometime in the mid 90s I did ... something. Something which sent Them away for good. I don't know what I did--heck, I don't have any rational reason to believe they are gone for good--but I know it in my bones. When I go to bed at night, I have no fear, for myself or for my children. Rather, I know that They fear me. You may have read some abductees say that they could sense that the aliens fear us. Well, it is true. And whatever it is that they fear about us was realized in their interaction with me. I don't know why, because I don't remember what happened, but I know They do fear me and they will not be back.

I don't know what to do with this. Can I help others? The last thing I want is publicity. I have a career and wife who knows nothing about any of this.

I will stop here now. Does any in this forum care to hear more?


Paranormal Novice
I am very interested, what did you do to keep them away from you and your family. I would love to know more about what happend to you during those times too as well.