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Holly Stevens and Ghost Cases on A & E Biography


Paul Kimball


Episode 7, part 4 of the A & E Biography series My Ghost Story, about the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, features my Ghost Cases co-host and friend Holly Stevens, as well as footage from the second episode of our series. You can view the A & E segment here.

I wish the producers had spent more time placing the incident in context, but that's American television for you - a lot of flash, and a lot of quick edits and special effects, sometimes at the expense of the story itself. Still, the segment is well done, Holly did a great job, and the footage remains compelling.

To get the fuller and much more interesting story, watch the original Ghost Cases episode on Eastlink TV, or check out my Paracast interview segment at The Other Side of Truth podcast, where I discuss the case (listen to it here).

You and your shameless plugs! I thought that was my job!! ;)

Ghost stories have always gave me the creeps and remember sleeping a house where a lady had been strangled and was woken to find my sheets being removed and a lady floating at the end of the bed with a rope hanging from her neck scared the s.... out of me. The lights would blow out on regular basis and the windows would fly open when it was not windy. When a friend would come over with their son who was autistic he would freak out and stare at the doorway tell us there a women staing there.