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Hello from Smoky NorCal.....

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Paranormal Novice
I am from northern California, in the Pacific coast range 100 miles north of SF.
Like some other older people, we perked up with the dec 26 2017 reveal. A couple of us did earlier when in the spring of 2017 we saw a stock photo of one of our demonstrations accompany a ny times article on UFOs (I think related to a book by cheryl costa). I co founded Operation Right To Know with Ed Komarek but over the years I dumped the mj12, Roswell, coverup creeds and began to think that focus altogether was fruitless and distracted from the treasure trove of Intel from ce3 and 4 cases.
So, having taken the off ramp from Keyhoe Ave and onto Lorenzen Ave, my perspective is that ufology today has focused on mirages of evil global cabals suppressing truth.
Anyway, at least we have some bright spots in the contemporary scene, like Ardy Clarke.


Paranormal Novice
As became clear to everyone at his ORTK FB group, he and I have argued alot since day 1, lol. I am more skeptical of many of the coverup ideas than him. Fortunately this never mattered: messaging was simple and our demonstrations did the job because press was usually kind to us. And, it was always fun arguing. Lol.
If we were on together it would be a laugh fest listening to us argue...probably informative too.


Paranormal Novice
I recently deleted my FB account. He still has his FB Operation Right to Know group there. Last time I was around, a young man from Ohio was wanting to plan street demonstrations. Haven't heard followup. Ed didn't mention anything recently. He was on coasttocoast this past Sunday, he said, confronting conspiracy theories on how our fires started. I dont have a radio station in range so I didn't hear that. His background in forest management goes back to his dads Tall Timbers foundation.


Skilled Investigator
I'll have to check out that FB group. I don't agree with Ed on a lot of things, but no one can deny the footprint he's left!
I'll listen to that C2C episode--some of these forest fire conspiracies are nuts.


Paranormal Novice
There may be some people who have posted some weird Q related stuff there, perhaps removed by Ed. My forever argument with him is really based on him buying all the dark notions conveyed back in the late 80s, about conspiracies. Worsening generally in this field to a fusion with alt right notions, as described by jerome clark in his dark side entry in the 1998 The UFO Book.