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haunted doll bought off ebay has a good spirit


Paranormal Maven
interesting, a good spirit instead of the angry ill possess this doll to get you kind...

Haunted Doll form E- bay - Paranormal News -- Your Source for UFO and Paranormal Related Information

A few years ago I was rooting around on E- bay and I found a listing for a "Haunted Doll".
The doll supposedly contained the spirit of a little girl named Emma who had drowned in a pond sometime in the mid eighties.
Here's the original listing;

"Greetings! I have a very special piece up for your consideration today. This beautiful, large ceramic doll is the vessel for a seven year old girl named Emma. She is a lovely , bright , intelligent spirit that faced tragedy during her short little life.
On October 10th 1986 Emma was playing on a frozen lake outside her home when the ice gave way and she fell into the icy water. Unfortunately by the time she was recovered from the water it was to late.
Months after her passing her parents reported seeing her walking along the lake and while their friends and family called them crazy they eventually inlisted the help of my Aunt Tora Delphine. She bound the restless soul of Emma to this doll she found in her room. When the parents died Emma was given the the Delphine family. Since she has been with me I have witnessed great power and energy from her. She sings, hums and occasionally turns lights on and off. She speaks of her parents, life after death, and has many blessings to bestow on the right person.
Whoever chooses to welcome her into their home will be truly blesses and own a wonderful piece. I will send a list of ways to welcome her into your home and a special gift to the new owner!!!

Many Blessings!!!!
My family's story(the short version):

Since I was born I have been exposed to the enchanted metaphysical side of life. At a young age my family taught me spells and how to respect energies stored in certain objects. My aunt, Tora Delphine, was a very powerful witch. She had outstanding psychic abilities and was known throughout the magical community for her potions and spell casting abilities. At first I was very hesitant about continuing the craft after her passing. It just didn't seem the same without her. But this summer while cleaning out her bedroom I found a chest full of enchanted items and books of spells and her personal diary. Inside the diary I discovered a folded piece of tea paper that stated that her wish was that all of her items be used and distributed to those who believe in the craft and will use the energies for good. So my mission is to keep the craft alive in my family and pass the energies and knowledge on the others that actually care and believe.

I have been selling on Ebay for some time now. I have just started this separate account on Ebay to showcase only my Aunt Tora's items and the wonderful enchanted side of my life. I have sold many of her items on my other account but as I also have art and other day to day items I decided not to mix the two. Some people do not believe and others are scared of what they do not know or will not allow their selves to discover. If you would like my alternate Ebay ID so you may check into my feedback please email me and I will gladly provide it for you. I have included some of the feedbacks from the previous items I have sold from the Delphine witch estate."

Cool story.
The best part was that it was only $20.00 and I snagged it.
I didn't REALLY believe that it was actually haunted but I could have a lot of fun with the story.
Then, after a few days, the noises started.
Not kidding.
Weird noises between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM.
There were electronic buzzings, knocks on the door, LOUD ONES, whisperings, and several times, an old style phone would ring. My name was called at least once and an alarm clock went off several times. I didn't have an alarm clock.
The apartment immediately next to mine was vacant and not a source of the noises.
This went on for about a month and for some reason I even think to record them.
Anyway, my son and his wife had just had my granddaughter and I thought that Emma would be happier with them than with me. Plus, it's just not fitting for a 50 year old man to be talking to dolls early in the morning hours.
I took her along on my next visit.
I told my son a little about her but didn't get around to mentioning her name.
Actually, I didn't tell him much at all.
I wanted to see if anything would happen.
A week or so later he called and we talked on the phone for a while and he was getting a little suspicious because I was "Asking weird questions."
I came clean and told him the story.
After that he was quiet for a while and then told me a story of his own.
He said that a few days had passed after I had left Emma there that he had bought a new X- box system and new memory card.
He said that a friend of had come by to check out the new system and when they went to save the game they were playing noticed there was already eight saved games in the memory card.
The games were saved under the name "Emma"

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
@Oakenwulf - since you brought up Ebay and haunted objects, I figured I'd ask if you know about 'The Dibbuk Box'? It happens to be one of my favourite paranormal stories, it had been for some years as I followed the story with interest but due to an amazing synchronistic coincidence that involved this very forum, I ended up meeting the current owner of the dibbuk box and got to attend the movie made from his book, the day the movie opened in the UK. He gave me a copy of his book with a great and quite long dedication at the front too.

If you don't know it already, there is a website and countless articles and youtube videos on the subject. It all started really with a listing on Ebay that can still be read. It is an amazing haunting story and practically current too. I basically already believed the story but to get a personal account from the person at the centre of it all was truly amazing and I was exceptionally lucky to have found myself in that position. I shamelessly promote the story due to my tangental involvement but a great story it is nevertheless.


Paranormal Maven
This story is very intriguing, especially the part regarding the X-box system. It's often said that spirits can interfere with energy sources, but this seems to have gone beyond that.

Query why someone would want to give that kind of experience up to a total stranger on E-bay. My immediate assumption is they don't want to be bothered by even the most positive paranormal experiences. To the contrary, it's also entirely possible they are pulling a fast one by either making up the story entirely or covering up the evil tendencies of this spirit.

I wouldn't bid on this even if I knew I would win. Too many risks!