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Great show guys


Skilled Investigator
I'm so glad I found your show. I have yet to find a show that calls to task some of these guys when they say rediculous things, it's refreshing to hear a host confront guest when they spew out crap. I personally believe in ufo's after all the evidence that has been presented, it's impossible that something isn't going on. But when other radio hosts seriously entertain people who proclaim to have conversations with allied galactic federation reps or the moon has an atmosphere rantings etc, etc, it puts a serious dent in the credibility of the field. Heck one host who I actually enjoy listening to but isn't always credible, interviewed a cowboy who thought he was an alien, what's up with the Walton family? I always thought Travis Walton could be legitimate until i heard his brother. I could go on and on but I think you get the jist, just keep up the good work, you ask some of the questions I always wish I could be there to ask.

I'm just glad some shows like yours and the black vault are coming up that actually examine the guests and their comments without just putting any yahoo on the air and letting them say anything they like.