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Grandfather Visit?


Haagen-Dazs Addict
I should premise this short story by acknowledging that I have been reading one of John Edwards books as well as Gary Schwartz, so being visited by relatives has been on my mind anyway and I"ve been reading about it before going to bed.

So last week I have a dream where my late grandfather and I are hanging out and at one point he says in an extremely vivid way 'to make sure to celebrate my anniversary'. I woke up extremely emotional and wrote this down. It seemed more than dream and I made sure to wake my wife up, which doesnt' happen very often. The next day I ask my mom when Lenny (my grandfather's) anniversary is and she tells me it's in July. So I'm scratching my head until I realize my anniversary is December 2nd and I nearly scheduled a music recording session on my anniversary a few days after his visit! Moral of the story, listen to your dead relatives, they probably have foresight that we don't!


Haagen-Dazs Addict
I had another interesting experience recently, but this time I think with my late father.

My father and I bonded over the local Bullets basketball team (now the Wizards) as well as his black lab dog who we both loved, those were 2 things we both obsessed over together before he passed away a couple years ago.

Anywho, my wife wanted to get a dog (against my wishes!) for our new house. She looks online and finds 2 different dogs that just came up for adoption from the local pound. Strangely, both of these dogs are swapped up really quickly. The only option is this black lab puppy we weren't looking at initially that someone points us towards online and of all things his name is.......... Bullet. Even at this point I"m not really paying attention.

Meanwhile, a couple weeks after getting this dog, my dad's old black lab is put too sleep by my mom (his back legs stopped working :( ) RIP Sasha!!

Anywho, I find out this week that Bullet was found exactly on my birthday wandering around North Carolina (where my brother lives) and was then drive up to Maryland (where I live) by a rescue group. (My brother may be moving back to MD)

I think it's too strange a coincidence that my wife's only option is a black lab puppy named Bullet who is found on my b-day near where my brother lives just around the same time my dad's old dog also a black lab puppy is put too sleep.

I think my dad pulled some strings so I would get this dog, unfortunatley he likes to eat his own poo and has bit me in the testicle......... but he's just a puppy and he's very cute! Thanks Dad for the birthday gift!


Skilled Investigator
"unfortunatley he likes to eat his own poo and has bit me in the testicle" LMAO!!!! ;D..sorry..it's not funny really but when you word it that way!.. lol :D

lovely too though, that you have warm reminders of times with your dad through perfectly timed situations like you have described. That must be so comforting!:)