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google earth Triangle

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
Please forgive me if this is old, but has anyone seen this? I did a search in the forum but didnt see anything.

In google earth fly to this location: 30°30'38.82"S 115°22'56.14"E

Any ideas what that could be? Supposedly it is of a triangular UFO unlucky enough to be caught by the google earth imager.


Despiser of religious nuts
Very interesting. It looks like the underside of the Belgian FT. Is it possibly an oil rig, or an unusually shaped helipad? Maybe even the roof of a triangular building? That said, it really does look like a flying triangle.

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
Im not sure but the apparent size is huge in relation to the road. Ive never seen a triangular helipad before and it seems like an odd place for a building. Pluse I cant see a road or parking lot. I'll do a quick search and see if i can find anything about a triangular oil rig.


Skilled Investigator
Here's the image at 200, 500, 1000, & 2000 feet scales. There are no roads nor shadows so I don't see it as a building and compared to the surrounding area, it looks like it has lights as opposed to mere highlights.




Illegitimate Clone
The triangle looks completely flat with no shading of any sort to indicate that it's a 3 dimensional object. There are no shadows cast on the ground either.

If you look closely at the image there is a shadow cast from what appears to be an antenna or pole. Hard to tell how tall this is without data on what time of day and month that this photo was shot.

The coloring inside the triangle is not uniform and looks simply like darker ground. If it is paint then this is a rather inept paint job for camouflage.

Also look at the irregularity of the perimeter lines. They are not perfectly straight which would indicate not a manufactured object but more like a edge of ground cover or dirt. Look at the right edge for a while. You can see a curvature in the line bulging outward. Don't believe me? Put it in Photoshop and draw a straight line along the edge.

The triangle is also not perfectly symmetrical which would also indicate this is not a manufactured object. While one may attribute this to distortion from an offset camera angle I doubt this is the case since these type of photos are taken from high satellite orbit.

The bright objects in the photo could be aircraft warning lights typically found on tall towers and antenna or globes that are often used to prevent aircraft collisions on power lines. The distortion of the objects maybe the result of strobing of the lights which is typical of collision warning lights on antennas. Either way nothing really unusual.

All things considered it does not appear to be anything other than some type of pole or antenna sitting on a triangular piece of ground.


Despiser of religious nuts
I so wanted it to be a bona fide FT, LOL. However, I posted the image on my blog yesterday, with an appeal for information, and one of my visitors had this to say:

That site is the location of the Emu Downs Wind Farm)

quote from Wikipedia:

The 79.2 MW Emu Downs Wind Farm ( [show location on an interactive map] 30°30?S, 115°20?E) is a joint development between Stanwell Corporation and Griffin Energy and construction of the $180 million project commenced in November 2005. The site is approximately 200 kilometres north of Perth, near Cervantes and the project was commissioned in October 2006.

So I guess the mystery's solved ;).