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Google attacked by "unknown technology" posted weird 'blog'


Paranormal Novice
I found this topic just breaking that Google's security systems are overrided by an unknown technology that used Google's server to create a creepy "Blog" for an unknown purpose.
The blog, unlike normal ones, *have nothing* in it but some plain text, unreadable,not even "powered by blogger'" thing.
Link: ∆¶¶=π•∆∆¶: ∆∆∆•{•

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(I'll explain the rest - but a background is necessary) (it says "daniel's weeks ends = daniel's days ends = sudden death)



(The Literal Translation, see Below)

It Says "Jesus = Heavens and Earth" ....................... it describes a singularity that originates from a "body", and reflects itself in the earth and universe at the same time!!!! (this is to claim the days of daniel for the son of man = weeks of daniel for the gospel's tables (man/earth/deadflesh)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Only Legal Evidence for the Claim .................. is Turin Shroud of Jesus Burning in 1997 ... Comet Hale Bopp for the Earth ... Super Nova for the Universe ...................... this would make this a legally valid and legally true claim. (the super nova in 1997 literally shows, Comet Hale Bopp's Position same month for each claim April of 1997)

Assume the Claim is True of Sudden Death (UFO GUARDIAN Diagram gives us 1970 and 1991 figures God wrote)

The Logic becomes very simple!

1. Weeks of Daniel = Same End Date
2. 2300 of Daniel = Same End Date
3. 1290 and 1335 of Daniel = Same End Date

The Controversy is that God's figures provide three different references not the same approximate reference for the same date, of SUDDEN GLOBAL DEATH ............................. the angelic messages says SUDDEN DEATH if all the value equal the same end date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Daniel's Final Week of 7 Years from Comet ISON 2013 to 12/21/2020 (or 50 yr. jubilee from ufo guardian date 1970)
2. From Turin Shroud of Jesus + 23 years for 2300 days = 12/21/2020
3. From Flight 370 + 1290 and 1335 days, (153 days before the end) = 12/21/2020

God has already reacted in 1947 Roswell UFO, add 70 years to that to come to 9/23/2017, then add 1335 of Daniel to come to 12/21/2020, 153 days before the end on 12/21/2020 (70 years to the middle of 1290 and 1335 of Daniel = 9/23/2017 (or Daniel 9:2 in the bible books)

God asked for only one thing, before humanity is deceased

God only asked for the destruction of jerusalem in the "gog and magog prophecy", an action that God did not perform, the temple in jerusalm was burned in 70 a.d. by mankind not by god, and god has not been answered, regardless of that, humanity will die anyway ............................ humanity will die next year blind or in judgment, and the lives of billions will come to a full and complete close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(10 hour walk to city of philadelphia next week, would be a shame to see a school shooting, then as I said, I would forget the opportunity of lethal force based on using force against me for one week, in your low state of mind and people, before we do this again and again before sudden death)
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